Naughty By Nature
City of Ci-Lo
Life is a roll like the dice and you know? [3X]
Do you wanna play?

[Verse 1]
Now if you, base out and ace out, ace is an a** out
Also an a** whip, you catch with those who catch it most don't last it down
On Doogan, they rollin' two deep, so they ain't too steep
And crews creep but they hard to beat, bustin' out two jeeps
There's Tracy, tricky and trickin' chokin' nuff chicken
She's burnin' and when that chick is broke that b*t*h is stickin'
Up the block is for the ho no another pro ho
She pick pockets when she rocks
It it ain't no loot out on that ho stroll
On block five ya catch a fever and get no breather either
Beat it or break it to break it down through where I need it
Look for trips yeah the triplets cause that's the hit click
And on down is a pick up cause it's a stick-up on the freak tip
Just when you think things were looking messy
She lives six houses on the leffy
Her name is sexy hooked up by Becky
True to the dice not new to the dice
Sexy dropped me off 456 Ci Lo Blvd
Right after she blew on the dice

Aced out
Ain't no cop dice n***a

[Verse 2]
123rd the block'll splatter ya cap's catch ya they batter ya n***as
Stretch even scavengers breaking fool like Attica
Stolen Glock and he know, holding spots from below
Primos for them g-notes rolling rocks in kilos
Ci-lo is the set up poppy's rockin and poppin' ya
123rd kids f**k up, bank jackings like Joshua
Snake what wakeup or bake up pay up or break up
You're on the block rocked needin' three b*t*hes ta shake up
Pimpin ain't easy, but if ya mac you'll be the largest
So if he a**es out he got no hoes, just three new charges
A** and face up in the cut look who dodges
Wait, the case is open and shut f**k garages
And everyone on the strip is more than one-time offenders
And they trusting the role like they trustin' public defenders
You see 'em don't want to be 'em hope ci-lo free 'em
I'm schemin' a f**kin' demon after per diem
I'm leaving sometimes this evening, yeah, in the PM
Not even wit att**ude rude cause fool I'm geein'
A crafter, after a billing not asking on ya
The master, mackin' a million tax-free from this corner