Naughty By Nature
Klickow Klickow
118, Cruddy Click, Naughty By Nature, the Rottin' Razkals, the Road Dawgs

1-2-3 I'm up to bat so pitch me an MC so I can get ill
And knock his a** into left field
I'm still a body bruisin' master
Dat some ole' evil little b*st*rd get fast and I'll outcast ya
Like port huh we on some ole' new sh*t my click is hip hop it
5-6 we hit cha from the bricks back the f**k up like Onyx said
Don't make me act the f**k up I'm known to have a hot head
Hey call me the mud city mangler the n***a neck yolk tangler
A star spangler boogie banger

Rottin' Razklas
118 on the scene I'm representin'
And if I ain't punchin' and thumpin' I'm stompin'
And kickin'' in n***a take a step back
It ain't even all that n***a catch a cap
If ya don't wanna brawl jack
Guzzle down a 40 till I'm all full
Take another hit of the dirl with a long pull
I gets blitzed outta proper state of mind
When me and my click searchin' for trouble to find

No he didn't but I'll you

I tell you what good with deez some and the how
'Cause that's why I stays with my klickow klickow (x2)

Right out the alleys of Cali
Not the valley, straight out the hood is the notorious one
Hitter quitter skull splitter triggers from Inglewood

Watch us bring wreck quick
Road Dawgs the next kick
Pluggin' you jugular vein it pour like rain when ya neck whip

235 thick
Ingelwood Illtown click

Low hot off the bricks trot off or get shot off in the mix

Boobie and Luvchild staying trues paying dues

Madmen with ten millimeter heaters sprayin' fools
And slaying crews

Who wanna tangle get caught up and dangled yoked and strangle
In a fight straight soldiers swingin' pipes from every angle

Keep my hand on the nitty Glock fifty
Swift with my tool to lift any fool that wanna f**k with me

Don't sleep on Jersey nor California sh*t is grimmy trim ya limb
Blood and phlegm is all on him after we warn ya
It's curtains kids certain things we won't allow
Cause that how we stand with ours klickow klickow

[Verse: Treach]
Word to the mother my mother was the only checkin' mines
So motherf**k your mother's father if he step like mines
Swift kicking c*cks I hit spots and blocks
So listen pops then I'll miss you like I miss measles
Mumps plus f**kin' chicken pox
Givin' props to all the old school that paved the way
Plus zero I fear no hero you think will up and save the day hey
Three letters describing that a** here's a clue
S-C-K the only thing missing is you
Excuse up's excuse um you've yet to lose one two ton
Crews son doing more then leaving bruised gums
Try it riot I'll roll quiet you'll never catch the trap
'Cause I ain't the the the that to flap the yap
A black alley cats can catch my back
And to that and these scrap
Back to back wreck to wreck and wreck necks
Of macks fake macks break their necks to say I take that back
You see it used to be a time you rolled with shanks and friends
But nowadays we roll in f**kin' tanks with rims
That's how it go that's how we roll pow!
'Cause that's how I stand with mine klickow klickow

Gutta N***a and I Face Finsta the two man cruddy collision
Illtown's villian that's wanted for some n***as killin'
Keep my material similar to a serial killer
Peeling cats check my stats ain't no n***a iller

Now here I go with the klick klacks the Tatter rat ta ta tat tats patter
Pats to better brat packs
I'm airing sh*t out like DAT
Jack it's judgement day and I'm seenin' is human beings
Got cha fleein' word to me Mook Daddy and Little Steven

Comin' straight form the top notch of hip hop
N***as gather round to the sound that n***a from the gutta not
Kick that slang talk explain why ya can't walk
It ain't my fault ya hit a flip and couldn't sommersault
I'm on a route with my n***a on some new sh*t
Flowin' with that music n***a WON'T YOU USE IT
To your advantage if you could manage the damage
I'm handing when ya get the f**kin' mic it leave ya hands branded

Ya backwards a** a**born a**backwards
Coming out feet first and getting drugged into this next verse
On the contrary I'm not ya ordinatry adversary
That's secondary I leave ya floatin' like a f**kin' ferry
Advancing my chances and ya retreatin'
From the beatin' ya seekin'
F**kin' with me and feel your fluids leakin'

On time for too much tough talk
N***a walk and keep walking
Fore I take ya tongue and make you stop talking

I'll meet ya at death's gate when a n***a took a step late
Jacked 'em for his place he set up shot in the next state

Yo zapping all the zip zags not that all the zig zag
Shot 'em in the stomach now he's living out a sh*t bag

Ha ha ha fag couldn't f**k with a n***a with nine rounds
A rugged Cruddy Click from the guttas of Illtown

This ain't a rap along clap along song son my sh*t is on
With more thong then Janet with her panties on
Ya best to get it out the way boy
The two slickest to ever kick it now klickow klickow