Naughty By Nature
Respect Due
[Verse 1: Treach]
We're on wax and it concerns ya that's make us eternal like a picture
Ya b*t*h ya, I'll fix ya, raise a rapture ripped ya scripture
I'll mac a meal in fact until I stack the bills to rack the skills
To get a track ta kill them rap at will, the I is capital
Double L, lower case t-o-w-n
No trouble, I'll bust your bubble then leave you for ruin
Such come a dime a dozen, f**k some
You lost the race by a d**k sl*t's c*m 'cause nuts won
What fun freaking it frequently, freak wit' me, slick ta freak quick
Your girl's poonany's packed like tha freaknic
We get redicu-down-diculous and devious, believe me b*t*h
Now your f**king soul ain't so mischievous
Diss who? We're the hip-hop rap pounder founder
Ricocheting PM to AM, frying freestyle flounders
Big as bouncers
Ounce ta ounces
Don't make us check you
Yes you, just know respect due!

[Verse 2: Vinnie]
I'm hearin' n***as in the game yappin' this yappin' that
Talkin' Vinnie don't write and Vinnie can't rap
But I bet if you put a pen and pad in my hand
I could write it in your face my friend, put it on tape and then
Give it to my n***a Kay Gee, he produces me
Pump it through the Flavor Unit, spread it through the industry
The next three weeks my single done peaked on the rap sheets
Sound's knockin' from malls to swapmeets
And then there's oh mad tours and oh mad w****s
We sign autographs by the G's in the in-stores
And then there's oh mad sex and ASCAP checks
So when I, um, plex it, it's me I'm in the Beamer or Lexus
Guess which n***a is next to flex this
Style that I be rippin's authentic so don't test this

[Verse 3: Treach]
You can fool some of the people some of the time
But not all of the people all of the time
Some of the rhymes some of the times 'cause some of the 9's some of 'em mine
And 'bout a brown as Bobby wit' a trolley
To bury Halle, it's chocolate so pardon Dolly as a hobby
When it comes to harm me ya don't alarm me
'Cause I roll wit' Double I and Ron G's army
So that's 235 on a slang bang
And see Ron wit' a n***a for f**king A-Train
And that's deep like the minds of Minolta
Deep ditch like the Swedish knits on John Travolta
If you don't look good we don't look good
These nuts that soon clear the room
So boom to the break and break, ah, to the snap
And snap ta the beat, I'll freak them, bring it back
So's I had no choice but ta roll wit' the flow
Plus I came over the bridge and I ain't wasting my toll