Naughty By Nature
Sleepwalkin’ II/Shout Outs
Baby, what's up?
At the venue, you said it was on
Oh, you mean you was rubbin' and huggin' all on me
So I could come up here and listen to your demo tape?
Oh sh*t. Yo, bust this

Either you're shucky [suck me?] or f**ky [f**k me?]
Or I'ma blow the whistle, save your rappin' for sh*t fashion
Get rowdy or you're Audi
Wanted to rub my body but then you wouldn't slob me
And you can try sittin' in a lobby for a hobby
Sloppy far from fruity, lackin' in the booty
A cutie with the cooties said he took me for a groupie
But your shoes are over here, and your coat is over there
You want a hit plus souvenir? Ooh, my dear, do your hair
Single Sagittarian for one night seduction
So I'm the wrong n***a to be huggin' for production
Now I'm a go to sleep with my Moby D**k stiff
So leave now or leave with a rubber on your lip

Ha ha, yeah, Sleepwalkin' II
For all the fly [?] who want you to believe what they say
But when it comes down to it they don't really wanna play
Ayo Vin, [?] what [?] try to hear 'bout that day
Like my man Scoop Lover said, "If you ain't humpin' you got to go"
Ayo Treach, what about that cutie who tried to play you just to get up in your room and stare at the wallpaper?!

If you didn't wanna stay and play that's all how you had to say
Then the funky drummer Kendu coulda left you at the venue
I wanted to get in you, spin you, bend you
You said f**k strippin' in the limo and slipped in your demo, then you
Step into the room, look at my boombox
And drop your little slip-slop flip-flop tape [?]
B*t*h, stop
Not if you ain't gettin' that sh*t knocked
Any beat w**** takes a detour
Oh, look at honey-dip! Lookin' for a chubby d**k
Better yet a buddy with a label or his money thick
I heard you would suck it for a budget
Lay a Pringle for a single, d**k-for-demos then you dub it
Truth and consequence get private for a beat
If you're lying to my sheets, I'm settin' fire to your feet
Cuts are rough with the upper jab, plenty [?] kids remember Mother Goose
Oh! I motherf**ked her!

Yeah, way to f**k it up, Treach. But right about now, I want to turn the mic over to my boys, Rottin Razkals, Chap and Fam, c'mon on in
I wanna say what's up to my man [Cliff Dog?] you know what I'm saying?
Captain [?], Bilal, [?] you know what I'm saying?
[?] Brothers in the black market [?] you know what I'm saying?
Yo, I wanna give a shout to out all my rude boys in Canada, London, Jamaica, Trinidad, Bermuda, and the Bahamas
I wanna say what's up to 125th Street, Uptown, PE, [?] and my man Apache, and Funkmaster Flex
What I wanna say is [?] what's up to my man Silver Dee, you know what I'm saying? [?] and the [?] crew uptown, you know what I'm saying? (Word up)
And right about now, Kay, I want you to flip the track to some old different smooth sh*t (Word up). Naughty naughty 2 and we out
**Beat Switches for "Shout Outs"**

[Kay Gee]
Yo I'ma smooth this beat out for the brothers locked down in Bordentown, you know what I'm sayin', and my man Ski
Huh, what's up boy?
[?] down there too
Gotta say what's up to Rahway prison, my man [?] Dog down there
Gotta chance to chill with them and my man [?]
(They all dedicated to the streets!)
Let's tip-toe over Northern State where my man Fat Mike, [?], and Shareef
([?] knuckles in the house!)
Newark County Jail, go down there and holler at a couple of the homies
Let's take it over to Annandale, Yardville, Rikers Island, Trenton State
My man Tyrone Rush down there, [?] Ali (What up, what up)
Huh, my man Terry Tariq
(Terry Tariq in the house)
Let's take it to us, the 118th Street Posse, you know what I'm saying? (Aww, yeah!)
Got my man Dog in the house
The one Mook Bad is in the house, huh ([?] Mook!)
My little brother Face and Little Gene
Gotta say what's up to the one Pooh Chap Steven
Forty-Ounce, World War, and Black Ave
Got Kerry Hammer, [?] in the house too
Gotta say what's up to the boy Omar from down the block, what up (Blackjack!)
Original rude boy Dex, clip it up for Vin house
Gonna step across the street to my man [?], rest in peace, Frank Bennett, huh
His little brother Meatball's in here too
But let's take it over to Queens to my man [?], Anthony, Gerald, and the whole Sutphin Boulevard posse, the boys Black Sheep, huh
Big F in the house
We gotta say what's up to the diggity Das-EFX (Word is bond)
My boys De La Soul's in here too, thanks for bringing us out for our first big show, (Good lookin' out) word up (Yeah, we appreciate it)
Let's take it around the way to the boys in Grove Street, 15th Street's in the house, [?], 4th Ave, huh (Look at Mel...Melle Mel)
Respect due to the boys standing right next to me, the Rottin Razkals, Fam and Chap's in here
The little kid Malik [?] from Holly Hill, South Carolina's in here, what up (South Carolina's in the house)
Gotta say what's up to Little City [?]
The whole Newark, Irvington, Uptown, Downtown, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island (Everywhere) (So on, so on, so on)
We got Aphrodite [?] and my man Will [?] in here
Respect due to the one [?] Tobias, what's up [?], haha
Step to the Flavor Unit, to my man Shakim
Respect due to the one Queen Latifah, rest in peace Lance, huh
Gotta say what's up to my boy and longtime friend, Big Tuff, he's in the house
Shakim, Lakim, Apache, D-Nice and his boys, Nicky D and [?]
Mandy, Rebecca, the SID [?] and [?]
My man J-Scratch and his girl Bridget, Latee, Paul, Brandy, Jane, Kendall and AD, what's up (The whole Flavor Unit goddamnit)
I gotta say what's up to Ms. Owens and Ms. Shirley Bell, what's up (How y'all doin'?)
And the one [?] respect due to you, girl
Can't forget you [?], huh
Gotta say what's up to [?] and the overweight lover Heavy D, good lookin' out man (Appreciate you, good lookin' out)
And we gonna step on over to MTV to Fab 5 Freddy, the one Ed Lover, T-Money, and Doctor Dre, good lookin' out yo
Gotta say what's up to Clark Kent, Kid Capri, Red Alert
DJ Mario from the [?], what's up
[?] good lookin' out
Rest in peace [?]
Try to say what's up to the diehard boys [?] and the girls [?] and Keisha
Our lawyer, Stu Levy, [?], Special K, Teddy Ted, DNA
Dave Bellocchio still on the keys
[Antoinette?] Angie, [a**istant?] Robin
Take it to the families, we got Mama Smurf in here, you know what I'm sayin'
[?] family, Jackie and the fam from down the block
Sharon Brown and Rich, huh
And the whole Brown family, stop sleepin' on us Rich
(You need a pillowcase? You need a pillowcase?) Word up
We gotta say what's up to Tarik [?], Malik [?]
My man Lou Brown (Lou Brown)
Justice from [?]
Ill Will, Zach and 5 [?], what up homie?
My man Little Earl from Hofstra
Fat Wise and the Lefrak posse [?]
Black Rob
The whole [?] group, [?] Love
Gotta say what's up to the [?] he's in the house, what's up
The twins, Keith and Kevin
My man Dirty OT, Suave Marv
And yo, peace to all the cruddy n***as
In all the hoods across the country, huh
'Cause I like cruddy n***as, out
(I wanna know, I wanna know, I wanna know right now)