Naughty By Nature
One Time For Ya Mind
One time for ya mothaf**kin mind an'
One time for ya mothaf**kin mind

I'm creative, creatin with creativity
Intensively care about this hip hop industry
It's into me
But I go lyin sayin "been in me"
Now, it's in my blood and you ain't gettin rid of me, huh
Who's to say, dues to pay
I say crews to lay
And I do's what I chose today
Cause tomorrow is the same damn sorrow
No ones to beg and borrrow
Sh*t is gettin horrible
Dependin on the next man's money
And the next man's money
Is always lookin funny
So then it leaves me lookin bummy
And me lookin crummy
Then I'll be the dummy
But I ain't goin out like dat
So I writes like dat
And keep it tight like dat
Cause I love to rhyme
Kickin sh*t line for line
One time for ya mind

[Chorus- X2]

Change up your whole game plan, man, ain't sh*t goin on
Thinkin you bully my name, well n***a, you're dead wrong
Listen, it ain't that much you gotta prove
Try and make that power move
An' I'll smooth f**k your whole groove
The name is Diesel, of third of the n***as you wanna be
That's word to me
That's how it's goin to stay till eternity
For them other MCs, seven ain't your lucky number
Timber! fallin like lumber
Oh I'ma Let you know about yourself
Did you think dissing the ours was gonna bring you some wealth?
Back to the drawin board
I scored, I floored
Your career before it took off and soared
I'm bored with these
Wannabe's, with these trick a** MCs
Who betray bein hard tryina gain higher fees
Please, why don't you be who you really are?
Cause actin tuff makes you a target instead of a shootin star

[Chorus- X2]
Now tell me is it me
Or is it the people that surround me?
The ones around me
They keep me gettin down, see
It ain't nuttin like the gutter, ghetto life
Livin near the curb, word, have you heard
I don't think so, I really doubt it
There's nuttin to do about it
But straight up rug it, route it
So let me lead you, or give you lead way
I say he say, take heed to what we say
It ain't no holdin back
A'yo we told you that
And if you rolled on us
You know we rollin back
And it ain't nuthin nice after that
After the fat jack
And 20 n***as attack
It's 20 n***as after that
Comin back to scrap
In fact
Black on black crime is just one of the worst crimes
So I finds
Somethin better to do with mines
Spittin rhymes
One time for ya mind

I don't mean nuttin to me, nuttin at all
F**k you all
I'm livin off the wall
Swingin sh*t at all y'all
It's a rumble
I make you stumble
Before you trip
While you fussin on the ground I'll be bustin your man and sh*t
Elbows for all those who oppose
Before your mission started
Your fate was already chose
You dose off, n***a, cause your a** was sleepin
You really wasn't ready and I caught you creepin
This hood is sacred
Indeed I take it
To the extreme
That's why I'm always yellin 1-18
All the time
In every rhyme
Dat I design
And Double I, before I kick my next line
I'm silly sizzle neck
In full effect
Before you step
You best come correct
Don't think it's hardcore, this reality rap
Jersey's on the map
N***a, chill with that

[Chorus- X4]