Satan, Bite the Dust lyrics

Terry Scott Taylor

[Verse 1]
Party's over, shut it down
I'm huntin' for someone, you all
He's a lyin', thievin' rattlesnake
And he's broken every law
He's terrorized the lives of men
And he's under arrest
Because I've been sent
With a warrant from the body of Christ
(Well, tell me what it says, then!)
"Satan, bite the dust!"

[Verse 2]
Every one of you unclean spirits
I'm runnin' you outta town
Depression, strife, disease and fear
Your posse's goin' down
(Boy, last tenderfoot who talked that big
We sent him home in a box)
But I know who I am through Jesus Christ
So I talk to you demons like dogs
Satan, you coward, you molester of souls
I command you to appear
You're hidin' from the presence of God
But Satan, I can feel your fear, Satan, from here
(You rattled my chain, boy, long enough
You got something in your craw?)
A praying church wants you to know
(Know what?)
Your kingdom's gonna fall
(There's gonna be trouble here tonight)

[Chorus 1]
'Cause I represent a whole new breed of Christian of today
And I'm authorized and deputized to blow you clean away
I've got a message to deliver from One who's true and just
Spit in your eye, you father of lies
Satan, bite the dust!

[Verse 3]
(Boy, you gonna take me on and my unholy herd?)
Not only take you on, but take you out
By the Spirit and the Word
One by one you'll drop like flies
Under foot and in the ground
Because greater is He who is in me
Than the snake I'm starin' down

[Verse 4]
You demon of alcoholism
You'll be the first to go
There's deliverance from you through Jesus Christ
So hit the road!
You spirit of infirmity
You just ain't welcome here no more
We lay hands on the sick and they recover
So out the door!
You demon of false religion
You've preyed on minds so simple
I bind the spirit in your songs
So put that in your temple!
El Kabong!
Now Satan, you're next in line
I'm gonna get you where it hurts
'Cause I'm tired of you in my family
And I'm tired of you in my church
I'm not my own, I'm bought with a price
I'm a Holy Ghost-filled man
And I'm tollin' the bell of your eternal destruction
Across the land

[Chorus 2]
'Cause I represent a whole new breed of Christian of today
And I'm authorized and deputized to blow you clean away
I've got a weapon with two bullets that's overcome all sin and crud
One bullet is called the word of my testimony
And the other one's called the word of my testimony!
Satan, bite the dust!
Bite the dust!

Well how do you feel about that, devil?
(I'm a-feelin' mighty low)
Hi ho, Silver, away!

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