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[Intro: ???]
Turn up
My n*gga Nolan
On the beat
Young n*gga
We out here young n*gga
What you rappin on
What you rappin on
Young n*gga
On The Beat
On the Beat
Glockcoma n*gga

Im Glockin' (x16)
Glock, Glock on me, Glockcoma (x8)

Glock with the hat (Glock)
Glock with the bat (Glock)
Glock leave you sad (Glock)
Glock make you mad (Glock)
Glock with the shoes (Aye)
Glock true blues (Aye)
Glock with the .40 (Aye)
[?] (Glockin')
Glock [?] (Im glockin')
Glock on the chair (Im glockin')
Glock at my house (Glock)
Glock with my spouse (Woo)
Glock on my car seaters, I'm a proud parent (Parent)
Glock make you apparent (glockin) Glock, why you starin'? (Glockin')
Glock with the [?], I'm running down errands (Glock)
Glock errands for my damn thot
Glock with the box (Aye)
Glock with the chain (Aye)
Glock rain (Aye), Glock [?] (Aye)
Glock got the beam (glockin)
Glock on the team (I'm glockin')
Glock make you scream (Glock)
Glock .19 (Glock)
Glock make it hurt (Bow)
Glock [?] (Pow, Pow, Pow)
Glock with the dirt (Glock)
Glock [?] (Woo)
Glock cause I'm my father (Glock)
Glock shoot farther (I'm glockin')
Glock Vince Carter (Woo), Air jump Shot
Glock robot when my Glock goes pop (Pow)
Wet my thot, that's a Glock guap (I'm glockin)
I'm glockin'
I'm glockin'
I'm glockin'
She's glockin'
Yeah she glockin'
We glockin'
Glocked out!

I'm Glockin' (x16)

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