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Paul Weller

"The Impossible Idea"

Corn dolly run - strictly meadows
Sat in the sun - waiting by

Run baby run - thru the meadows
Breathe baby breathe - such a life

While I'm hanging around
Til my eyes fix on the imposible idea
That I'll change the world
Maybe I'll come to the conclusion
I can't even change my own life
And there I fall

Days simplify - strictly head on
Runs to the sun - he knows why

While I'm hanging around
Just to hit on
That impossible idea
That I might change it all
Sadly, under delusions of grandeur
Good is just not good enough dear
And there I fall

Oh what a shame
Such a sad poor parade
Oh all up in smoke
What a joke
What's become of us all

I like hanging around
Til I switch on
The impossible idea
That Love might
Change the world
Maybe I'll come the conclusion
Until I can change myself
And there I'll fall

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