Paperchase lyrics

Paul Weller

Paper chase, paper chase
You can't see the light that’s in your face
Paper chase, paper chase
You dressed in the cloak that you have made
What y'say?

Paper planes, paper planes
Flying too close to the solar flames
Paper chains, paper chains
Was earth not enough for you?
No, the earth wouldn't do

Beaming like a cat that has strayed too far
Showing off your tail in an old back yard
Moving slinky, slide in your fruitless search
Tentatively out in space, paper chase

Paper chase, paper chase
You can’t see the love that's taking place
Paper chase, paper chase
You can't hear the words at all
While you're in your free fall

Sneaking in the night like a low down dog
Barking at the moon that has given you up
Merging into black 'til you can't be seen
Moving at a different pace
Paper chase

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