Wiz Khalifa

"What it is"

Say it
New freestyle
Wiz Khalifa, let's go

I can see
Why you n***as mad, 'cause I'm living the life
Gagging your wife
All I need is spliff and I'm right
Changing the game
I'm sick of all this sh*t that I write
[?] the mic
You faggot n***as listen and bite
All night
Youngins pitchin' the white
The balls need a plate, to come up on
[?] come up gone
n***as know this the style
Look in ya' eyes, I know that you're fraud
Snake n***as runnin' north with the mouth
Quick to [?] the cops
And end up
Getting clapped and then chopped
I'm hazed up
All black in the [?]
More stacks than a knot
A dime piece with spectacular top
The deep texts keep snapping the [?]
But my n***as stay low
Clock big though, cops get no info
And I'm surrounded by the rules and the breakers
Movers and shakers
[?] to the face quick
And me, I'm the same pimp
Hittin' your main chick
Switchin' the lane quick
I'm bit, but but the whip [?]
Hit the stoo, grab some sh*t I could roll
And it's off to the boof
It's real rap
Yeah this youngest the [?]
Alive n***a from the 4-1-2s
Yeah, and that's my word
I'm son of one of y'all n***as
Whatever you want
I'll punish on of y'all n***as
f**k the small change
Going for the large figures
It's young Khalifa, the prince [?]
And I believe in god, but I live non-religious
Smokin' weed to get [?]
Your team think that you fly really you are b*t*hin'
Your man, he couldn't ride
Turned to the long witness
sh*t's clear
This year what I'm gonna do
Is making hard for you to eat
Like I'm the stomach fluid
Yeah, yeah, the wolves on a hunt for you
On some fly [?] sh*t
Quick, but the [?] you
Yeah, yeah, the team 'bout stackin' man
Pittsburgh, middle east, steel city [?]
Pistolvania be the state, you can call it Pakistan
When the young n***as deal with more weight than the average man
The best in my class, I'm the next to both
Even if you put me in yours, I'll be the best of both
And I'm the hardest in this city boo, next to both
GOV, what it is?
J, this is what it is
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