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Wiz Khalifa

"Really and Truly"

Let me get it from right here
La Musica De Harry Fraud

[Verse 1]
She'll never be the same, once she give me the box
Look at my chain and the ice on my watch
Copy on the Gram all things that I rock
Baby, I'm the man and your n*gga a flop
"Damn, Khalifa man, where you been at?"
Probably with your b*tch, f*cking where you pay rent at
If it's a race then I'm finna lap you
I'm in the gym everyday but I'm not finna scrap you
I'm too high to get violent
I'd rather smoke, find a b*tch that I can ride with
Fake n*ggas, I don't vibe with
I'm getting paid, so the bank is where you find me
And a Playa, that's what I be
Makin' moves, stick and move like Ali
Real n*gga, don't try me
I wear my own and a n*gga ain't gotta sign me

[Interlude 1]
Tss, I was kicking it with this one b*tch, man
I was over at her house and sh*t
She was, on my motherf*cking nerves
And I'm like "Man, what the f*ck is you even talking about?"
And I'm runnin' out of weed and sh*t too
That's the wrong time to f*ck with a n*gga like that, man
Hold on, baby, let me get my phone

[Verse 2]
Hold up, I gotta call a new b*tch
'Cause I'm a gangsta and you be on some bullsh*t
She like "Naw, you leave me, imma lose it"
I'm like "b*tch, you just love me 'cause my music"
She like "Naw, I f*ck witchu since way back
I can't even believe you would say that"
I'm like "Girl, you know what it is, you know the biz"
She like "Naw, they don't come as real as this"
She rolled the weed up, cook and cleaned the crib
Soon as we leave the club, I be in her ribs
She's like "Think you ever meet a better b*tch?"
I f*cked her one more time and got in a win

[Interlude 2]
I can't even lie, that sh*t was great
sh*t, and if I ever need it again
Imma call you

Roll some, smoke some
Rolling Papers II
Roll some, smoke some
Rolling Papers II
Roll some, smoke some
Rolling Papers...II

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