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Wiz Khalifa

"Smoke Screen"

It's not supposed to be happenin' now
What is she callin' about?
What you doin'?
I have no idea

[Chorus: Wiz Khalifa]
Oh, pull up, door open
I ain't gotta say much (Oh woah, ooh woah, ooh woah)
They be tryna catch up
New whip, that's us
Bad b*t*h, she rollin' up
No time for the players, haters
On my grind, I can't lay up

[Verse 1: Bootsyano]
I think rich, so I gotta keep my bucks long
Thousand dollar fits but still got some blue checks on
You gon' jog or you gon' stampede?
We in the diamond lane, breaded, all my n***as smell like good leaves
b*t*h that back talk, I love the way she badass
We be on the grind, full speed, I need an asset
I'm in a circle full of cold n***as
Don't gotta say much, we pull up, the dips is gon' roll with us
Doors open up like Lamborghini
She like way she with it, she gon' go up off a Martini
I need it all, don't want the half, I don't slow step
We be in the foreign, she gon' bob 'til her throat stretch
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