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Insane Clown Posse

"b*tch Betta Have My Money"

b*tch betta have my money

Awww sh*ttt

Ain't nothing like fat pus*y on my c*ck, word to the motherf*cking Mikey
Clark playing how's like dominoes slapping balls it's the duke on the
Motherf*cking microphone I slang di*k b*tch nothing more nothing less
You got a cnote ho I break you off the best so bring your big fat titties
And lots of ass I bring the meat if you bring the cash I'm no joke when I
Stroke for a client b*tches need di*k so they buying it even if you ugly
And can't get laid open up your coach bag b*tch so I can get paid and take
Off your gstring drawers eat all your wheaties b*tch cuz I don't pause what
Ya laughing at ain't a damn thing funny
b*tch betta have money I don't charge by the inch I charge by the foot
Think I'm lying here b*tch take a look 100%
Usda grade a beef here's my card call me you look like you ain't been
Bumped in awhile I'll stretch you out and
Make your nedenhole smile bring your money in big ass stack I bury this
di*k down to nutsack


So b*tch
b*tch betta have my money x8


Come on b*tch don't talk sh*t how bout a bowl them f*cked up grits open up
Wide slip and slide bloodstains in the back of ya mustang don't cry sh*t
Now drive lick that sh*t like an ice cream pie purple pants drop that xanie
Eat at Denny's b*tch slap granny I love it when the double up one
With the bubble up smelly the other one grape jelly get ready stick up
Stick in f*ck till the pain go away like a
Vicodin push with push like kush I eat 2 handed stroke with a chokehold
Needed keep that b*tch so broke so broke so broke so broke b*tch betta have
My money

Chorus x8


I'm a gigialo juggalo ho pay me b*tches out there don't play me taking blow
For blow a ho is a ho a b*tch is a b*tch is a b*tch so for an extra bill I
Shoot it on your face lick it all off or leave it in place just don't let
It all go to waste my di*ks for chicks with expensive tastes if we go one
More time ho it ain't no joke I'm chargin 25 bones a stroke rack up the
Bill as I go for broke draw a bath let it soak cuz it starting to smoke I
Take care of the pus*y I don't abuse it ya nedenhole is ATM and I use it
Pleasure doing business here ya receipt the condom full of my skeet keep it

Chorus x8

You want it from the back 500 you wanna be on top 400 you want it
Missionary with me doing all the work 700 you want me to eat ya ass b*tch
I'll pass
Chorus x4
And no spoonin

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