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Insane Clown Posse

"17 Dead"

[Verse 1: Violent J]
I got shot with a buck shot, shot me down
But you know you can't paint a frown on a clown
Sewer gutter blood runs through my system
Death stopped by but I must have just missed him
Am I in a Southwest street gang
Do I bang, do I slang, do I let my motherf*ckin' nuts hang
But do you care
I got stabbed in the eye and you wasn't no where
And what about the time I got f*cked
When I got shot in the throat...f*ckin' sucked
But your news wasn't on that
You could give a f*ck less nevertheless, unless
Something happened in your suburbs
I'mma cut your daddy's neck, you little f*ckin' nerd
I don't give a f*ck where you're from boy
So don't tell me 'cause I don't give a f*ck
It's all about what's going on in your head
Do or don't you care about the seventeen dead

Seventeen dead, in mi barrio
Do or don't you care about the seventeen dead
Seventeen dead, in mi barrio
You could give a f*ck less about the seventeen dead
(The seventeenth boyfriend lost his erection)

[Verse 2: Violent J]
I woke up next to a dead body
Roll it out the way and jump out of bed
Strap on my kicks and step out my room
'Cause somehow there's another stiff in the bathroom
Dead f*cks all over the grass
I'mma kick somebody in they dead ass
Quick to make a left on Jefferson
And I noticed there's another stiff riding shotgun
Am I just seeing things, no
Is your mother a soggy ho
I like to drink Faygo, out in front of Scottie's
But then one by one of my homeboys turned into dead bodies
But I'm straight with that
Just don't be leaving your guts in my car n' sh*t
(Esham - Yo, wait a minute, wait, get your head on straight)
I drop seventeen tears from eyes every f*cking day
I got to wonder if they do
Should I burn the rebel flag or the red white and blue too
I can't do much, but they can
But those motherf*ckers got a death wish, man
I'm gonna swim in their bloodshed
Just to justify the seventeen dead


[Interlude: 2 Dope]
Yeah, dead bodies man
They ain't so bad
I mean uh, they're all over the neighboorhood n sh*t you know
But they don't be f*ckin' with you
They just lay there dead as sh*t
I mean they tasted kind of straight
With a little mustard, man
Yeah, much you know what I'm sayin...

[Verse 3: Violent J]
Seventeen dead bodies hanging from a telephone wire
All seventeen on fire
Lighting up the sky with the smell of death
Rich bigot f*cker, take a deep breath
Looking at you makes me go batty
Motherf*cker don't be nothing like your daddy
'Cause he's nothing but a redneck ho
Him and his kind created this ghetto
They can't deal with their own creation
Move out farther, suburb vacation, heh
But it don't work like that
Knock at your door and it's me with a slug bat
I'mma stick it to your f*ckin' nugget
About seventeen times and you're gonna love it, motherf*cker
Drive down my street
And stare at the folks who can't make ends meet
You don't know now, but that's the plan
Most people in Hell were rich when they died, man
Take that to your golden bed
'Cause I'mma cut your ass up for the seventeen dead


[Freestyles unrelated to track follow]

[Violent J]
Well, you know Violent J's kinda wicked
If there's a booger in my nose I'mma pick it
And flick it in your eye like you ain't jack
And stomp my boots on your nut sack
[2 dope]
I'm Shaggy and I'm in the house
You don't think so, I'll put a brick in your mouth
Can't nobody flex on a nutty clown
I got boys downriver, straight Inktown
[Violent J]
Well, ya know I'm coming straight from the trailer park
That's me out front working on the Skylark
I'm waiting on a check, I don't cut the grass
And my woman's got babies falling all out her ass
[2 Dope]
I'll be running with the carnival until I'm eighty
'Cause tonight I'm going out with the fat lady
I strip the b*tch down to the nitty-gritty
But I ain't saying sh*t about her one titty

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