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Insane Clown Posse


Check it out

Violent J:
f*ck Rudolph, the mutt owes me money
Him and that faggot ass Easter Bunny
It's Santa b*tch, recognize the pipe
Smokin' on that North Pole, get it right
It's full of fog, it's piping hot
And I'm here looking like Moondog Spot
Nobody thinks about Ol' Saint Nick
Until they want some sh*t
I got yo gift, a brand new hatchet
Let's see if your back can catch it
This year Santa Claus get reckless
Leavin' you neckpiece headless

Tell us what you really want for Christmas this year
Whatchu want?
sh*t, a hydraulic pump
And whatchu want?
Four tickets to N'Sync
Everybody, tell us what you want
Family size bucket of chicken

Anybody Killa:
Merry f*ckin Christmas, ho ho ho
Got my axe wrapped up, bloody ribbons and bows
Santa hat with my name on the cuff to the side
Fat sack of the pine trees so I can get high
With a bag full of goodies for the girls and boys
Like a nine millimeter, f*ck toys (f*ck toys)
It's December 25th baby jingle my balls
Handin' out yellow snow cones to all a y'all
This year I believe Santa Claus went crazy
Caught his ass slangin' rocks to my old lady
Santa and Snowman bringin under this sh*t
Happy Hanukkah motherf*ckers, suck my di*k

Come and let us know what you want for Christmas Time
Whatchu want?
Where's my f*cking brother?
And whatchu want?
A big chocolate donut
Everybody, tell us what you want
The Yanks to win a f*ckin series

In Christmas time you will have all out fun and cheer. In Christmas time we all will have much fun and holicheer

Shaggy 2 Dope:
Ring a ding ding go the sound of my sleigh bell
Reindeer fly crooked (Why?) Cause they drunk as hell
That's how we do when we got sh*t to do
After all this Christmas Eve and a fifth too
All these little richie boys up real nice
No Sega, Donkey Man, and f*ck Old Spice
A hooker for little Jimmy
Timmy get some Henney
Santa puff a jimmy in a minny
f*ck Kenny
Georgy, aah, instructions for a séance
And Santa ain't gettin' sh*t but two dead parents
And now it's back to the Southwest Pole
All Skanta Claws got for Christmas was coal

What do you want? What do you want? What do
Whatchu want?
A little peek at your butt
And whatchu want?
A Craftman socket set
Everybody, tell us what you want
A whole elephant
Whatch want?
Some ice on my gold fronts
And whatchu want?
I'll suck your di*k
Everybody, tell us what you want
A platinum plus plaque
Whatchu want?
Moon Glorius
And whatchu want?
A sinful Christmas
Everybody, tell us what you want

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