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Insane Clown Posse

"Willy Bubba (Detention Mix)"

Ok class, um, please settle down now
I'd like to introduce our new student
Uhh, uhh Willy Bubba, Willy is from Kentucky, welcome Willy, uh
I'll be your teacher, my name is Ms. Felby

Hey Willy Bubba! Hubba Lubba Lubba
My names Violent J I hate rednecks motherf*cker
I've been down with the clown since day one
It's day two, so what ya gonna do?
Bubba-loo Bubba-labby you can't call ya mommy
The b*tch ain't done sucking on my salami, stick
Finish quick, I'm getting sick hoe
She got no teeth but it feels like sh*t though
In these parts, we tie you to the desk
And all line up and take blows to your chest
Blows to your head, last year we killed a kid dead (haha, my fault)
Walk in to school, there's hay in the hallway
Leading to your locker, walk up sock ya
Then kick you ass round the classroom and act nutty
Then the teacher walked in and asked everybody...

Who kicked Willy Bubba's ass? (I did!)
Did you do it right here in the class? (Sure did!)
Did you punch him in the face, did you slap him in the mouth
Did you kick him in the forehead (Yea! Yea!)

"Nice to get back with the high-school crowd where you're alive"

Willy Willy Bubba hubba lubba dubba lilly, tell me why you talk so silly, b*tch
You sound like you come from the land of the biggots
Jolly ol' di*kens, land of the chickens
I guess your in season, I'm packing me a .44 (four-four)
Barrel to you head and blow your face out your as*h*le
BLOW! b*tch, I'm Shaggy 2 Dope
I'm coming for your kin folk, you get your chin broke
And don't cry, don't run to the teach, she can't understand your redneck ass speech
If she could, she wouldn't do a thing, because she's my b*tch and she loves to suck my wang
You're in trouble Bubba, you better run quick
You're too slow Willy, you little baby chick
I caught up and got my hands all bloody
Teacher walks in the classroom, and asks everybody...


"Boys, is that standard talk around this high school?"

"Ah, you listen to me. I would just like to say to the class
That the murder of Willy Bubba was totally uncalled for
And the following will be suspended for three days
Jumpsteady, you're suspended
Nate The Mack, you're suspended
And Rude Boy, you too are suspended
? and stephen, you're going to be sitting home for three days
Phill Bill you're suspended especially
And Mike Clark, you sir are expelled
Joe Scott and Frankie East Side G, you're suspended
And Double-A, ohh Double-A, I'll be speaking with your mother about this
And Crazy Dog, you're suspended as well
And for the rest of you there will be a quiz tomorrow
No, instead of a quiz, well make it a riddle"

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