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Insane Clown Posse


Dark Lotus

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Psychotically villainous as I'm killin' this sh*t
The very top of your head is where I'm drillin' this b*tch
Drop in a straw, drink in and suck it all out
Your eyeballs sink in and f*ckin' fall out
I got my own murder special on A&E
They got a big burly biker guy playin' me
A true cannibal crime boss with fat neck tats
I choke em all with one hand but their neck snaps

[Verze 2: Blaze Ya Dead Homie]
Say hello to the bad guy, bye to the sunlight
When the dust settles, one stands in the gunfight
Call me nefarious, diabolical and vicious
When you get home and your family is missing
Villianous, killin' this for so many ways
Watch your blood spray then bodies lay, weeks not days
Scattered like leaves off trees, strewn about
Each one planted with a lotus cross in its mouth

[Hook: Dark Lotus]
Wicked, sinister
Horrible and more
Death is beating at your door
Unlock the villainous
Dark Lotus
Murderous and vile
Take away your smile
The crows have watched you awhile
Unlock the villainous
Dark Lotus

[Verse 3: Jamie Madrox]
Yo, I'm Darth Vader without his lightsaber
I'm the Joker's laughing gas in the face of the Caped Crusader
Villainous, feelin' this, venomous like I'm Eddie Brock
I'm the villain locked and loaded as if I was Deadshot
The Undertaker from the old school when he used to rock the tie
And tell everyone to rest in peace, wanting for them to die
The villain stroking his moustache
While the damsel's tied to the train track
And the train is soon approaching, there's only time left to laugh

[Verse 4: Shaggy 2 Dope]
In the darkest back alleys, beneath the radar
Underneath the concrete in the cellar where the rats are
In the bowels of Earth, moving through the roots
Lies an underground network of villains, we living proof
And we takin' up under our wings misguided souls
Put together an army and headin' up, the pain grows
Riots, mayhem, unprovoked attackings
Villainous thoughts mixed with murderous actions


[Verse 5: Monoxide]
Gotta be goodbye for the last time (Murder, death, kill)
Everyday as they pass time and ever since...
Kept em gushing, I let em flatline
Had em all waitin' to baptize
Give a part of me, all the blood in my artery
Ain't no partially, hardily I'm bringing the drama
Like it's a prophecy and it's hard to be anything less
And I'm villainous like a hundred knives in the chest of innocents

[Verse 6: Anybody Killa]
Villainous, I'm unlockin' on all the ego
One's watchin' and plottin' for the return
New Machiavellian is walking
I'm coming and shunning bones
Who wish I never were rose
And willin' to put to killin', so villainous, no control
Suicide is just too easy, when need it you must believe it
Put all the pain that I have into my gun and release it
I'm just a killa killin', wicked, in the lotus I stand
And going villainous on everyone who says that I can't


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