Insane Clown Posse

"Neck Cutter"

*Phone ring*
"Neck cutter"
"Neck cutter"
"Who is this?"
"Neck cutter"
"Who do you wish to speak with?"
"Your neck"
"What? Hello?"
"Neck cutter, neck cutter, neck cutter, neck cutter, neck cutter"

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Little Miss Muffet, oh, she never had a clue
Of the psychopathic wicked clown was finna do
Creeping through the backyards underneath the moon
Only three blocks away, the joker looney toon
Listen to the loon, listen to the pain
Listen to the onе they call the Violent J Insanе
Watch me as I duck and I dash through the night
I can see the shadows of the moon in my butcher knife
Pretty little world has created this monster
See me living with a dead body in a dumpster
Laughing in your castle but I can't cross your moat
But then I take a boat and cut your f**king throat
Well, now I'm getting closer so I crawl under a house
I'm waiting for the car to pass and then I crawl back out
Another block down, just a little ways to go
*Phone ring* "Hello?"
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