Mighty Mote lyrics

Insane Clown Posse

Today's story is sponsored by Psychopathic Records. ICP is back to make evil d**ks cry. This story highlights why people love revenge

[Verse 1: Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope]
Born and raised with nothin' at all but floob luck
My entire life stank, f**k, it's like my sh*t stuck
Each and every f**kin' day suck, a redneck named Buck
f**ks my mom but he's a fake f**k, his beer can struck
Hits my forehead, wake up, the fat pig drunk
Don't wanna call him daddy, make us
Get in Paul's truck, time for school, you don't take us
I'll ride the damn bus, I ain't never been late once
"Well, leave early then, 'cause sh*t, your mama bust a grеat nut
Now get, boy"

[Interlude 1]
Am I? Ain't this some bullsh*t. What happens nеxt?

[Verse 2: Violent J]
Man, I hate the bus, the bus driver, and all the bus riders
I especially hate Nick the f**kin' prick beside us
He yells "Move!" slaps my lid off at some kid behind us
Who gets so mad, he tells and goes home with a swelled-up shiner
And if that d**k Nick forgets his chick is quick to remind him
They ditch our sh*t out the back window, slips our books and binders
I heard they may have 69'd in a cinemaplex recliner
And his phone got pics of a Pringles can to the lid up in her vagina

[Interlude 2]
Ha ha ha!

[Verse 3: Violent J]
Got to school with all of them
Jocks, gays, goths, chills, gangbangers, and others
Rockers, skaters, emo trippers, all hate the mouth brothers
The feardest, weirdest, most revered, were shucked and mirrored
d**ks speared was long and pointy, while skeets were squared
I'm sellin' pot in a jar with a knot in my palm, in came
d**k and Skeet Mouth, I got swirly'd and beat down
Surely I will retreat now, still blurry, in defeat, wow
What worries me is somehow it'll all repeat again tomorrow
God damn it

[Interlude 3]
Dude, your life sucks

[Verse 4: Violent J, Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope]
The bed hits my wall all night as Buck is f**kin' my mom
(Oh!) Ignore it, readin' a comic book
I see the heroes, defeatin' crooks
I thought about suicidin' it, but who am I to quit
That'd be like me straight as a razor ridin' a d**k
I peeped this ad in the back: Need revenge?
There's ten thousand ways, within the Mighty Mote, you'll be amazed
Bullies kickin' sand in your face? Then just delete 'em!
Defeat 'em, beat 'em, sh*t, you can cook 'em and eat 'em
Are you a wimp, a shrimp, a simp with a limp?
Send six sixty-five to Mighty Moe plus a dime to ship
I hit accept and fell out dreamin' of killin' them dorks
Woke up with a box on my chest, straight from the Yum Yum Fun Corp
Ripped it open, it's a- what is it? A remote control!
Aimed it for the wall and hit send and blew an open hole
Morning jogger out there, stunned, I rewinded his ass
He ran backwards three times as fast
I'ma have a blast

[Interlude 4]
Revenge. Those people, I'll get 'em. Revenge is mine

[Verse 5: Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope]
Takin' my life back, this mother f**ker Buck's way fat
I'll cut him no slack, on the toilet where he stay at
I'm pressin' plus, zap, he's gettin' bigger, hear the weight crack
The floorboards snap! "I should cut back on the late snacks
I'm like an Amtrak", he stuck in the door, the frame crack
Keep hittin' plus, zap, he's so big, [?] strain back
Can't hold 'em all back, he reached a point he can't remain at
And finally neck splat, all over the block it rain fat

[Interlude 5]
Damn! Dude got f**ked up

[Verse 6: Violent J]
With this f**kin' Mighty Mote I could destroy the whole f**kin' bus
The bus driver, and the bus riders
Instead I'm only killin' Nick and his dumb b*t*h beside us
He yelled "Move!" but I stayed in place
Then aimed and flipped the channel, turned his head into a scrotum with his face
The Mighty Mote has one red button, an exclamation point
Aimed it for his b*t*h's neden, it didn't disappoint
Her pu**y hole became a suction machine
Her feet and legs flew up her neden and left her folded like a chicken wing

[Interlude 6]

[Verse 7: Violent J]
Finally got to school with them
Jocks, gays, goths, chills, gangbangers and others
Told 'em all, tell the Mouth Brothers they dead mother f**kers
The feardest, weirdest, most revered, were shucked and mirrored
d**k and Skeet Mouth about to be smeared, deleted, and cleared
In the John, Mighty Mote in my palm, in came d**k and Skeet Mouth
I paused 'em, kicked 'em both in the balls some, give 'em each a beatdown
I turned they volumes down 'til they was four inches tall
Unpaused 'em, scooped 'em up and flushed 'em down the sh*ttiest stall


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