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Verse :
I keep popping and popping man i'm so high
I'm on the beat it's getting hot like sun in july
Rap is so poor but i'm gonna supply
Codeine got me crazy look mom i can fly
Chilling with the homies  smoking some weed
It ain't the highway but we on high speed
Moving too fast like we ran outta weed
Money over b*t*hes only dollars i need
This sh*t is like a game and i'm making you quit
I can make your grandma dance we can  even bet
When i get mad  motherf**ker it's doom
I'm frantic on it feel like mf doom
Your feature  on it bad trip was the only bad thing
Him in a beef, more like  mcmahon on the ring
It's like a movie and i'm  doing the script
Making sure to put some booties, it will never be skipped
If rap was like pounds then i got overweight
I keep f**king you n***as people think i ain't straight
Got a sick flow tho bringing in some dough
I'm like mines now i'm about to blow
Making a  hit making the business grow
I wanted a hit so i brought gaddafi and z
n***a your head is blowing because of our heat
We don't sell drugs n***a, we just sell dope
Three hard n***as who decided to cope
Damn i'm killing  beats  whatta hot debut
You can't handle me what if i bring my crew
It was a bad trip cause i wasn't on it
Someone put out the fire cause this sh*t is lit
Wanna get more higher so we turn the valuim up
We keep making sh*t we only get jack
Daniels cups
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