Nicole Wray

"Dear Father"

Nicole Wray - “Dear Father”
[Vocals/Lyrics: Nicole Wray]
[Producer(s): Easy Mo Bee]
[Keyboards: 7 Aurelius]

[Verse 1: Nicole Wray]
I was sitting right here
Waiting on the day you’d call
Just sitting here
Thinking of your voice, your song
But it seems so clear
All I have is memories
The apple don’t fall
Too far from the tree
Sometimes my tears never hit
Don’t feel alone
I want him back, I need him back
Seems I’m on the wrong track
But I know he taught me better than that
I want him back, I need him back

[Chorus: Nicole Wray] (x2)
Why did he
Have to go? I don’t know
Said I don’t know. His little girl
Wouldn’t say. Oooh!
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