All You lyrics


And as you can see, my voice has changed a bit here

[Verse 1]
Float through and watch it all shimmer
Let go, don't touch the dimmer
Grab at water it gets away
Or so they say
All that is is meant to be
This path you’re on will set you free
The cosmos knows what’s best for you
Or so it’s supposed to
Reach only for what you can change
Control is a car that just won't go
Don’t listen to fear or ego
Something like that, I don’t know
Find a oneness with yourself
Change perceptions for your health
How you see beats what you see
But maybe that’s just me

It’s all you, it’s all you

[Verse 2]
Piano looping through my brain
From the dark, I'm light again
Stronger, brighter than yesterday
Or so I’m told anyway
Don't attach to former self
Chasе the lights, don't hug the shelf
Forward is all I comе to see
A kind of spiritual gluttony
Rain pours through the night on the café
This is it, the cosmic ballet
Gentle souls kissed by the headlights
Dancing in each others arms
Ego crumbles through the holes
Connected are these humble souls
Sharing the beats with none of the tweets
Now is all we’ve got
It's all you, it's all you
Love you, love you

[Verse 3]
Stay the course like true creators
Drive the bus straight through the haters
Drink Yes from a cup of No
A bit sweet, but here we go
Go light when they go dark
Show love with each remark
No fire needs a spark, be the bigger man
Trade fashion for compassion
Outrage is an empty passion
Upload joy for satisfaction
Or something like that
Don’t lean on what they say
Non-contributors fade away
Stay true to what drives you
Piano time, here’s chorus two

It's all you, it's all you

[Verse 4]
This goes through the music square
Lifting souls through midnight air
We convulse to the cosmic pulse
Our shadows in the fog
Love is all we know tonight
Warm street light, hearts take flight
Who needs fight when we’ve got sight
And booze, just a little
Follow through on motivation
Dodge the bait for hesitation
Think or do, it’s up to you
Only one will break through
Make it for the lonely souls
The loners, stoners and the trolls
Show them how to love again
Be the change, carve the grain
It's all you, it's all you
Love you, love you

This my sh*t, all the girls-
Matt, get that sh*t off
That sh*t's not being played in my car
Ah, hehehe

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