They think I'm crazy
My name Grafh baby, Dope Gang

[Verse 1]
I can say my brain balled out
Got a staged rubbed out
And a day in a clubhouse
With a bed getting her brain fucked out
Getting some brain till I'm getting the thing sucked out
I need to be caged up
It ain’t safe enough to be in the same place
When I hate your guts
And I break it up and drain it in a paper cup
And chase it with angel dust and make my lunch
I hang my nuts way up ‘ow
Strangle ya neck till your brains come out
Then I pray that the stain comes out
But it can’t so it looking like Banksy with his paint brush out
They saying prayer can save us, how?
We the reason that your chains tucked now
Can’t come round or get laid up found
Been off the leash too far
For me to peek guns made uptown
I cop way uptown, break up pound
I'm turning my weed way up loud (say what)
Stay up in the cloud, can’t come down
My chopper can make a plane come down
Fake fuck how you taking the same thug route
Till them handcuffs out
You taking a stand, I'm taking a stand up route
Then I stand up and touch ground
Cause a man more stand up down
From the bottom fuck around and shot him
They told me to hit him, I did it, I get it, I got him
Then hit him, then split him, get rid of the spirit inside him (wow)
I'm in an asylum I figured I'd fit in the bottom
N***as be killers, guerillas n***as, sinners and robbers
Not with Michelle Obama, Clinton Hillary Rodham write ‘em
N***a I live in the bottom, what’s the problem
You pop shit on if you want a condom
What all ya’ll are believe (y'all are believe in)
I'm all so dirty (dirty)
Ya’ll can’t alter my dream, but a washing machine
But my laundry’s the cleanest (fresh)
They’re coming down for a reason (reason)
I form an allegiance with robbers and heathens (heathens)
I'm like a farmer with seeds
When I water the garden of Eden with all of my semen
I'm the father of demons (demons)
Destroy all your agreements (‘agreements)
I'm the Lord of the fleas I'm the cause of disease
And I took all the pieces and crossbreed it
I'm all evil, I'm taking your heart, full repo, carlito, we all illegal
My alter ego already alter my ego
I already talked to Torpedo
He was Lord of my ego
I'm tossing the bomb (bomb) across your peep hoe
Knock knock n***a, who’s there, pop pop n***a
Lawd, somebody betta pray fe dem pussyclaat
Somebody betta rave, chopper, chopper MJ
Kno’ seh mI a pay when God send me
Murderer, murderer
Murderer, murderer
Yow, murderer

[Verse 2]
I'm not the sanest, who dey, yeah who say
My momma shoulda killed me at birth
And put a hole inside my toupee
Lunch time bitch, your favorite rapper just souffle
They can’t ‘Kick, Push’ like Lupe
I strangle a man with my hands or a shoelace
Throw rosin and promethazine inside my kool-aid
Touche walk fifty, give a n***a the two blades
I give n***as a new face, killa spirit renovative I put the soul in a new place
Get fellatio while a n***a playin 2K
She gon’ suffocate and come up for air with a blue face
That’s why I call a bitch Smurfette
Don’t be the fucking tough guy and get your shirt wet
I'm so high and I ain’t even left earth yet
Fuck purp bitch, I'd rather pop percocet
A nervous wreck in a turtleneck
The fucking school yard bully never gave a nerd no respect
Gun slinging like a hurdle text
The scary next door neighbor in the hood that wanna hurt his pets
Grafh like "show those bitches n***as how to rap."
I came out the fucking guillotine without a strong
I kill a platoon in war without a gat
Barbarian, I pulled a fucking sword out of his back
The flow sick but I'm fine
I made Adolf Hitler mix with Einstein
The weed so strong, feel like I'm dying
I poison the fucking track like iodine
Mr Bitten Hoe, I've been ill since the embryo
I put an imbeciles heart in a motherfucking envelope
State your claim bitch [?]
Hand around the rap game throat till the bitch choke
Lawd, somebody betta pray fe dem pussyclaat
Somebody betta rave, chopper, chopper MJ
Kno’ seh mI a pay when God send fe me
Murderer, murderer
Murderer, murderer
Yow, murderer