Still Trill
[Intro: Method Man]
1, 2
Yeah, yeah (Yeah)
1, 2
Why you runnin' by yourself
Why you walking way over
1, 2
Yeah, uh, uh

[Refrain: Method Man]
One for the money
Two for the shelf
Three for your hooker but we all stay poled

[Verse 1: Method Man]
(Take us low, look)
It's like Primo and guru (Guru, uh)
Ganga stars, dipping features like it Hulu (Yeah)
Before this rhyming, I was noodles (Uh huh)
And two shots, shot caught your goo goo
If y'all don't get the reference, y'all can google (Go and)
Y'all stepped in some doo doo (Yeah)
And the parent's mistake, that's why your parents call you boo boo
Give me time to combine with my dawgs, now we're doodles (Uh)
One beat to Cal, smoke that cool cool
W on my crown, that's that boofoo
Only got half a screw lose (Shh!)
You get half of that stock, that's a fool fool
Keep a burner on the clock, that was coo coo
Not the rapper you're used to (Gang)
What these rappers be lacking is the screw lose (Uh, huh)
What you see is the master through the pupils (Yes)
And I'm back with the voodoo (Uh)
You a bottle of Yoohoo
Set backwards, now who you?
Your resistance is futile
When the kid in the kitchen, you get the kitten caboodle
I don't talk it, I live it, if I don't get it, then you do
That goes for Bonno and you too
[Verse 2: Bun B]
I'm like a sawed off shotgun
'Cause lessons for, hit your front door with a hot one
Player if you wanna get some, then I got some
Trust me, you ain't even a body here without some
Step defeated and yo, you know the outcome
I'm never outdone, boy, you going home with your mouth numb
And a swollen lip 'cause I'm gon' give you the hands
And I'ma give you the whole clip, so don't trip
And don't slip because you never stop sliding bro
You already know what we riding for, stop hiding hoe
Come out of the cave, you crawl back into
You been through and this game over for you and them too
To let you make it is sinful, blasphemy
So when I'm done with you, you won't remember nothing after me
I take it further than it has to be
Taking Bun, Method, and Grafh steady selecting, bring the break in

[Verse 3: Grafh]
Uh, I ain't playing with these n***as, I'm in it to win it
Time is money, fuck living minute to minute
I get it to get it
I made a fortune
They can't take the apron off him (Uh)
Feds tape recording
Weighing weight by the carton (Uh)
Raised by the Spartans
Made by distortion
Disobeying my abortion
The I take my chain up off the defroster
Rocking custom made garments
And they made them out of dolphins (Shh!)
My Hermes is foreign suede
And my Jordans were made from mermaid and shark skin, ya heard
I'm paid by the coffin, dead prezzies
Shawty, come hit the bong for the fresh veggies (Ahh)
We can go wherever you want, except steady
I flex heavy, you a fresh wedgie
Shut up
And that's that baby (Huh)
I need good weed and snacks baby
[Outro: Bun B]
Let me sit you down and tell you what's the real
I run the South, I can't help it, that's how I feel, trill
Big deal, Trill
Real trill