This Too Shall Pass
[Intro: Haile Supreme & Termanology]
Love was made just for the birds in the sky (Shout out to big homie Bun B, tuned in, Statik Selektah)
Lets them feel so good (It's a family thing), flyin' up so high (Here we go)

[Verse 1: Termanology]
Heart of the city, a martyr, they'll miss me
Broke up a pizzy on your CD and called it a frisbee
I'm honored by many, collide up in Bentley
Finna cop my own boat and call it "The Jenny"
Many articles how I slaughtered them beats into particles
Like all of them, I thought of them, then Lil Wayne Cartered 'em
Memory racks, I'm mentally trapped
'Cause once you take it too far you can never go back
Like pullin' a trigger back, givin' toe tags
Most humble, but I rumble with this notepad
And I'll cut your hands off if you throw jabs
Have your lil' girls growin' up with no dad, damn
Destined for glory, a excellent story
In Roman times, they woulda sent a messenger for me
Got a mean shot, baby, I'm as nice as Cory
Got enough ice and jewelry that I can entice a jury
It's me

[Chorus: Haile Supreme & Grafh]
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass (Uh)
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass (Yeah)
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass (Statik, Term, get up)
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass (Uh, brr, ayy, ayy, my name Grafh, ho)
[Verse 2: Grafh]
I don't give a fuck who I beef
But I went to war with a n***a that knew my secrets
Ooh, I seen it, if I said it, then you knew I mean it
My brick whiter than the picture of the blue-eyed Jesus
The Grim Reaper, that's who I sleep with, the Crypt Keeper
That's who I'ma leave with, y'all n***as knew my allegiance
I spit ether, supply the swine flu by the speaker
The virus corona, then I supply brew by the liter
You tried rhymin', got booed by the leader
You try and buy fried food while I supply food by the freezer, n***a
Bada-bing, bada-boom by the heaters
Dirty money got groomed by the cleaners
Ironically, there's no broom by the sweepers
Take a room full of dreamers and I'll move 'em to Venus
Excuse me, I'm speedin', I gotta make room for the demons
And the crack babies off dope in the womb, intravenous
Ain't no room for the squeamish
The mind is a weapon, so make a tomb for the genius
Boo-yow, stupid (Brr), uh

[Chorus: Haile Supreme]
This too shall pass
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass
Ooh, ooh, this too shall pass