Black Suits Fill the Room
[VERSE 1: Joell Ortiz]

[VERSE 2: Scram Jones]

[VERSE 3: Nino Bless]
Baby there's a shark in the water
Named BLESS, upstaging the top performers
Was there from the start of the slaughter
When I go off like a shot from a sawed off, this was the cocked warning, sort off*
Eh eh eh, hands off this shit
I'll off you, QUICK as the black dude in a horror flick
This, artist spits SARS every song I rip
Got fans coming out the blue like some former Crips
I'm from the corner strip, that’s lawless
You be an informant, eating lunch with officers feeding the sergeant tips
HEART, of a martyr, shit these bars I spit
Are like folks related fucking, they just come out retarded kid*
I'm guarded with an arm looking like cable in the X Force
You less than a pawn, you a checkers piece on my chessboard
N.I.N.O, real heads know
I go, harder than acid trippers bopping to techno (whoa)

[VERSE 4: Grafh]