Big Boi

"The Train, Pt. 2"

[Chorus: Sam Chris]
We go through this everydayyyyy
Adding more to the story
Trying to make it interesting
Lying to yourself like it really happened
It's like we're riding on a never ending traaiiin
Pick a stop (pick a stop), pick a lie (pick a lie)
Pick a reason to convince em that it never happened
I think we'll have to save the day

[Verse One: Big Boi]
But not like Captain Save
More like black Captain Kirk, because Big Boi's from some other place
Oh way deep in outer space where the freaks are not afraid
To crank that b*t*h in the moonlight while nobody's getting paid
Galaxies of slaves, enter Dungeon Family
With Outkast, Goodie Mob, & P.A. now were +Gnarly+ like +Barkley+
Without Harley Davidson, maybe someday you will see
Boy, we been done gave you some, the pipe has already been laid
Foundation sturdy as ankle weights or shoe of cement
Be ready to soprout them wings or choose to cruise like a fish
We wish, but we need to pray, we don't stray away from this
Kids, common sense ain't common when your minds trapped in a fence
But mines is intense, hence the way that I spit my sh*t
Cause I'm fire breathing (fire breathing) dragon in this biiitch
Which is a girl dog, yet a pitfall
For me and ya'll, songs found no bombs, but the ones rock
It's all wrong
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