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Big Boi


Ten years long, ten years strong
Lastin' long, verses long lastin'
Education, however, the difference between the two --
Which do you live, yo'self?
Luck of the draw, master plan without a flaw

Somethin' lastin' long leaves the compromising position --
Everything that isn't becomes questionable, unbelievable, and becomes weak at some point --
Done got straight blowed after hitting some danker's joint

Somethin' long lastin' --
Big Boi and 'Dre, the duos who chemistry gave a potion of rare fate:
Two Atlanta boys that became men of this industry
For them same ol' boys to be OutKast, raps out-blast and outlast the peers of the game
Move with the groove an' don't let the smooth groove fool you;
S'all that it is, believe in the dirty Southernplayalisticadillac-funky-ATLiens:
Together, makes Aquemini
Big Boi and 'Dre presents OutKast
So get ready to bump 808-style
To "The Speakerboxxx" and "The Love Below"
Two albums with the same ol' flow
Y'all enjoy it, y'hear?
Signin' off, man --
[Possum Dre] [Flossin' man] [Flossin' Rae/Ray] [?]

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