Chris Travis

"How I’m Living?"

How am I living, stacked to the ceiling
AR inside of the coup like a villain
I can not wife your b*t*h I don't got feelings
Stay in the condo' I might buy the building
And I keep up with the flow never chilling
If you sneak diss better be up for spilling
Waterboyz ENT might turn the system
I don't need no n***as around playing victim

[Verse 1]
Keep me some [?] get crossed out the image
You wanna cross, boy, I love to play scrimmage
f**k conversation, b*t*h, I'm tryna hit it
Kick her ass out if she ain't f**kin' wit' it
You ain't that hot, just a girl in the city
Offer 300 I'll bargain at 50
Come through your office like I run a business
I can not f**k with these rappers' fake gimmicks

Come through like a f**ken' train
n***a we are not the same
b*t*h I'm off the f**ken' chain
My heart made of Novacaine
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