Chris Travis


Big moves I ain't even gotta talk right
I'm in my life mother f**k the spotlight
f**k your pu**y, baby, tell me what your heart like
Bought a b*t*h on the net like it's Twilight
These n***as I neglect I do not like
I don't listen to you music I [?]
Waterboyz, b*t*h, we on it like a copyright
I need an O and a P can you copy, aight

[Verse 1]
I'mma go, can you go, need to know, b*t*h
Make it blow, on the low, keep it focused
You my n***a, kept it true, I let you hold 'dis
You my b*t*h, kept it loyal, now we glowing
f**k the lame n***as I don't really hang wit' 'em
Say my name, n***a, beat him on the same, n***a
I'mma lane switcher can't stay in one lane, n***a
[?] 'cause my mind quicker
New b*t*h thicker, old b*t*h don't remember
I'mma baby from the winter, born in December
b*t*h I'm cold and I'm hot at the same time
She was trying get with me since they made Vines
Put a hold on her, lemme' get the cold on 'em
I can't fold on em, [?] on 'em
You a slow runner, n***a, I'm a pro gunner
I ain't talking to nobody I ain't know nothing
I ain't know nothing, I ain't know nothing
Came back and I'm loaded, it's a close run
I don't show nothing, I don't hold nothing
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