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Chris Travis

"2 Timez"

[Intro: Chris Travis]
(Oh, Linky, b*tch)
[?] hoes was too fine (Yeah)

[Verse 1: Chris Travis]
All of my b*tches, they too fine
I'm in LA like a [?] (Yeah)
No, she don't talk like she too shy
'Cause she don't f*ck with you cool guys
[?] too high
[?] (Yeah)
She wanna come back on that two times
Give her the racks, boy, I'm too fire (Yeah)
[?], better move aside
You n*ggas can't keep up, I'm too fly (Damn)
And know that b*tch [?] (Yeah)
[?] flew by (Flew)
These n*ggas switch plates like a food drive (Yeah)
I don't even know why I pray though
Got his lil b*tch when I say so (Yeah)
Play the lil b*tch like Play-Doh
In the cut sippin' on Faygo (Yeah)
[?] J. Lo
I'm gettin' money, that's case closed (Yeah)
These n*ggas servin' you [?]
I'm buildin' blocks like a LEGO (Yeah)

[Verse 2: Black Kray]
Stackin' my bands like LEGOs
[?] in the Faygo
Know we in the sky like rainbows
These boys [?], bro
G-LOCK on me, no Draco
Shawty on go when I say go
All-white [?] Fazos
These boys fools, so counterfeit
Don't need no light to see me lit
Don't need no light to see me glit
Smokin' on boof [?]
All-blue coupe same color as Stitch
I'm with the gang locked in like I'm [?]
Came from the bottom, not goin' there again
With Kenshin, you know I be rockin'
In this b*tch locked in like a lock
Pour a four in the Sprite, you know that I drop
Boy, you don't know we smashin' the opps
Shawty, I'm shootin' sh*t, bust out the top
G-LOCK on me, can barely walk
(Oh, Linky, b*tch)
Know I'm with the gang, you know I be rockin'

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