Vinnie Paz


(feat. Supernatural)

[Vinnie Paz:]
f**kin' Vinnie Paz baby
Check it out
I'm the father of Christ
I don't know why you bother to write
I'm raw on the mic and y'all are like garbage to Ike
My whole team a bunch of master builders
Y'all just sit back and just bask in illness
An animal, eatin' ya' liver like I was Hanibal the cannibal
Stabbin' you right through the f**kin' clavicle
Harry Potter magical, bust a gat at you with Supernatural
The actual facts is that I'll laugh at you
Then load the f**kin' banger up with hollows
Start a revolution for diablo
My f**kin' motto, I'm as raw as it comes
Whether shatterin' the mic or if we brawlin' with guns
Let you know man, me and Nat is hotter than some propane
Blow ya' f**kin brains into low mane
Cut you up like cocaine and draw a line in the sand
And tell a mouthaf**ka' he can die where he stand WHAT

[Chorus + Scratching: x4]
Ya' whole aura is plexiglass
You was a sucka as a kid
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