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Vinnie Paz

"Death By Guillotine"

No not too much is new. I'm so f*ckin' high, I'mma spit a bomb verse
D-Mothauckin'-Moz n*gga. Cyssero. Vin. Some real sh*t right here baby

[Verse 1 - Demoz:]
Look, ever feel suicidal to the point that you tried it
And when they asked you about it, you don't know how to deny it
Doc all in your face, askin' what is the motive
You got split personalities and it's hard to control 'em
Takin' xenes and perks, drinkin' liquor and beer
Feelin' sick to your stomach, tryin' to shift thru the gears
On a slippery rope, plus your vision is blurry
Worse case scenerio, they'll miss you after you're buried
Wife f*ckin' your man, brotha stuff in the jam
Thought and starred at your pictures, like where the f*ck is my dad
I'm a problem atomic, tryin' to rhyme with these chickens
sh*t 'em out in the morning and take a p*ss on the omelet
Made an honesty promise, I ain't gotta be modest
I ain't got to be parted, this whole economy's garbage
I'm a comet in space, I ain't part of this land
I'm a f*ckin' two-face, why would you call me your man

Tongue twisted like Pun diggin' my tongue tissue
It's one missile, we blow you to little lunch issues
We f*ck with you, we came with you but left dolo
We stuck with you on one issue, we reign solo

We through a bomb in the parade at these gay homos
We manic ?? ??, how the f*ck are they gonna break kodos
Freddy roachin' a corner, 'cause we ain't sayin' nothin'
And we just sittin' there twitchin' like we sniffin' our caine buggin'

[Verse 2 - Cyssero:]
Creep quiet, but that chopper loud (you know how we do)
Look, the way I perform with that K that'd rock a crowd
Mask and glove when I squeeze them slugs
Make a bloodbath, we gonna need a tub
sh*t, we riding dawg
When we catch his ass let that super-soaker wet his ass
Dry him off, military tactics
Movin' silent dawg
Paint the neighborhood red when that iron drawn
Yeah, Da Vinci of the gun-slinging, shots make a bast*rd leak
Make a masterpiece, get your casket dropped
That's the art of war, bang at the targets
?? ?? war, then burn the bodies, what you need a coffin for
If you ain't built for all that, what you talkin' for (be quiet)
Yeah, tell your homeboy calm his mad
Unless he want a f*ckin' problem on his hands (for real)


[Verse 3 - Vinnie Paz:]
Yeah, Pazienza put the torch to him
Young rap version of Dr. Kavorkian
This pus*y done, put a fork in him
Or I'mma have to let the .44 bark at him
He better pray he got a squad with him
Like the prototarian revolution of Marxism
Put your body in the star system
Reveal itself as bleeding light, Allah wisdom
Bullets fast when they travelling
The silencer is strong and it's long like a javelin
Now he dead put a bag in him
Green from the dope fien lean, and the scag in him
I hold the ratchet unorthodox
Pernell Whitaker, duckin' all sorts of shots
Various types of torture plots
And I'mma ride 'till I die and the coffin drops

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