Vinnie Paz

"Chain Reaction"

[Intro: Vinnie Paz]
Yo, this f**kin' Vinnie Paz baby
Esoteric baby, 7L baby
We takin' y'all motherf**kas to war
Teachin' y'all how to rhyme, awrite
So feel me, before I stuff a f**kin' sock in ya mouth
And stick you in my trunk, what, check it out
It's like this, yo, yo, yo

[Verse 1: Vinnie Paz]
This Vinnie Paz let me tell you how I handle my beef
Hands in ya safe, watch how I slang to a beat
And you weak motherf**kas better stand at my feet
'Fore I beat motherf**kas when I handle my heat
So consider this verse here a motherf**kin' bomb threat
Cause I ain't even let out, all of my dogs yet
I ain't even pulled out my four fours yet
I ain't even let out, all of the launch yet
That's why ya plams sweatin', you fake b*t*h
I'm strong like Iron Mike Tyse in eight six
You fake snitch, you get slashed wid fast razors
f**kin' wid Paz mean you dead, and that's basics
Slash racist, he'll rob ya parents and go
Y'all crazy big wid no skill like ?????? bo
Vinnie Paz bring physical rain
And the only thing y'all feel is physical pain, what
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