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Vinnie Paz

"Dark Of The Night"

I’m not Jesus Christ or Mohammed but I can read and write
Between the lines I see a message, is it wrong or right?
I fight to keep my faith alive in the dark of the night
I use my mic to inspire, I hope you see the light
I’m not the prophet Abraham or Mahatma Gandhi
I’m just a man with many questions, sometimes they haunt me
I fight to keep my faith alive in the dark of the night
I use my mic to influence, I hope you see the light
In the dark of the night

[Verse 1: Freddy Madball]
In the name of the Father and Son, the Holy Spirit and this gun
That I protect my fam with in case my prayers don’t protect us son
Is there a chosen one? Chosen few? Maybe none
Maybe when you’re dead it’s done
No sun, no moon, no light, no outcome
I love the thought of being reunited with my fam
Sounds like a scam sometimes though so here I stand
Crossing hands, a man trying to understand
Whose book of plans should I follow if they’re written by hands
Just like my own, human to the bone
We are all flawed and scarred, nobody wants to die alone
I sit upon a throne, fearless in my home
My hood, the city and world that I roam, what about the unknown?
I’m not a clone to follow a nicely written poem
Scriptures structured to make you comb through your thoughts, your dome
I can’t lead you home but I will ask the questions
I’m not an atheist, this is just a true confession

[Verse 2: Vinnie Paz]
In the dark of the night I wonder why I was placed here
My family told me put my faith in God and face fear
For some reason I ain’t wanna put my faith there
And going to church I saw nothing but hate there
I ain’t understand how everyone else could be wrong
And I ain’t wanna be like everyone else and conform
Yeah so I had a discussion with moms
And that’s around the same time I discovered Islam
The first time that I had peace in my life
The first time I had a reason and a beacon of light
And if another human being think that Jesus the light
I don’t argue, I just hope that they have peace in their life
There’s a war going on outside no man is safe from
Every religion have a god but it’s the same one
Religion’s just a tool to divide us and they won
I feel that God been standing beside me since day one


[Verse 3: Freddy Madball]
Am I faithful at heart and smart enough to find the right path?
Endure the wrath of a stormy past or will I be cast?
To a hell that no one can foretell if it exists
Or do we dwell in the midst of, if so I like Hell
I like Heaven too, it makes me feel so vital
The thought of living in peace and love, something so primal
Forget the titles, everyone has their rivals
But I think that it’s bigger than all of us like this recital
Spiritually agnostic, curious and caustic
My thoughts sick regardless of what we think, have I lost it?
No I tossed it to the side, the simpleminded lies
Saint Mary mother of God, I still look in your eyes
Despite all I despised I realised that
I must take what I’ve learned and make it all mine
Until I die or fly with the other souls
Foolish pride won’t stop me from asking why
Show me a sign

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