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Vinnie Paz

"Beautiful Love"

[Verse 1]
I’m out for whatever you want to call it, cash or paper
My only purpose to kill, perfect assassinator
I’m on the path of Islam, you on the path of Vader
My nickname Buck 50 cousin pass the razor
The 750i turn you from a fan to hater
Feeling myself like I’m a chronic masturbator
I ain’t the type of motherf*cker you should ask a favour
I’m the type of motherf*cker that’ll blast my neighbour
I look at anybody as weak that has a savior
The Israeli Galil will turn your ass to vapor
I got an Ingram MAC-11 and it has a laser
I got a thing for MAC-11s, not a passive nature
Everything I write is war on the pad and paper
I don’t listen to rap no more, my passion’s Slayer
My heart is cold as the temperature of a massive glacier
I put a giant hole inside you like a massive crater

[Verse 2]
Everywhere I go the bohl Paz is strapped
I be loading it up, I be c*cking it back
I ain’t in my right mind, I ain’t stopping at that
I will hit his lifeline in the back of his cap
See I’m faster than a motherf*cker grabbing his gat
Beating me is just illogical imagining that
I’m a G you is just a pacifist rat
I make bodies disappear like a magical act
Yeah, I’m just giving the fans another anthem
This is just another example of my expansion
I make your top drop like the new Phantom
I like to pop shots with my new cannon
The left hook wild vicious, I’m a champion
You ain’t wilding out, cousin, that’s a tantrum
Wild assault rifles, thirty f*cking handguns
I’m holding all of you motherf*ckers for ransom

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