Ol’ Dirty Bastard


[Hook: Ol' Dirty b*st*rd, Ludacris]
Slide out ya clothes, and baby take off your shoes
That coochie got me so confused, that I don't know what to do
(Taste so sweet) daddy, divine, I got a woman so fine
That I gotta have it, like a rabbit, almost all of the time

[Ol' Dirty b*st*rd]
I knew this hotty named Janine, and she lived out in Queens
And she had a body, kinda like a horse, if you know what I mean
So I saddled up, more bang for the buck, cuz she was splurging my cash
And I'm alright, cuz every night, when I got to the crib, was hurting that ass
She used to tell me how much she loved me and how much she need me
How she can't wait to get home and rub me, and hug me and squeeze me
And after that, she just popped that bubbly, and touched me and teased me
And when she was mad, she would push and shove me, and f**k me and feed me
I gotta admit, I would spoiled and rotten, dirty down to the core
And I'm insane, almost to the point where I really don't want it no more
But never that, I got back on track, and I had to put it together
Because without 'em, my world is gone, so slip away, I won't let her, I tell her


I know this, girl named Anna, she was from Alabama
She had some cooch, that had me driving back and forth from Atlanta
Anna was a full grown independent woman with a car and a house on the hill
And no words can explain, how the hell she be making me feel
She knew just how to move them hips, she was like a gift
With a little bitty bow on top

Ripped my presents open, lights out, but the show don't stop
She got busy in the back of the custom four door drop
Freshly dipped from the Fendi shades to the Polo socks
Give it to me like a song I wrote, aren't I dope?
On that note, she was just my kind
A penny for my thoughts, always on my mind
Explain why her name's over all my rhymes
No woman got me using up all my time
Crazy in the head, all off my grind
Believe me or not, I've done lost my mind
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