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Ol’ Dirty Bastard

"Freestyle On Big Max New Jacks Of Rap"


The terminology and psychology
You still expect me to accept?
Do what I say of the (TDK?)
With the button on record and the other on play
Thus I press pause for a serious cause
To respect an intellect with the gradifying
Now that already let the music begin
As I detake what I wrote with my bulletpoint
To the time that I spent, the money that I lend
Rap records when I'm just about 8 cents
Then it came a new way to getting paid
They said rhyming on the mic is the number one trait
When the brother get the feeling that he wanna play cool
The discouberrated, diabolical fool, all flesh MC
Go play in the mud, you know ... 20, if you ... (a)nother century
... modern day is a chad
Is a cannibal, human or an underground dweller
Chad broke loose from the goddamn cellar
Dope fiend addict why you walk, why you roam?
With the (?) immune to this cheap sydrome
When the MC's came to live out their name
Most rock the rhymes that was all the same
But when I elevated the mass of the time
You stimulated from the high force rhyme
You got shocked because you knew you were (?)
Like the sucker MC, from of my block
Talking to you, you MC crew
When I speak about wonder, speaking bout two
Speaking bout the, who swear they can rhyme
You wanna battle the god? you lose everytime
Retake the port inside my box, just b... of my doorcells
And it did not rock!
Well it's not my style or your profile
Its just the (?) the time that rocks more while
See, I be the motivating, dominating supreme force
The cultivating, activating cream and sauce
The wise educated and I'm gonna be, you and I, to the (Q.U.E?)

Yo Peace, Dirt Bas out kid

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