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R.A. The Rugged Man

"Who’s That Guy"

[Verse 1: R.A. the Rugged Man]
(Rugged Man have it, Mobb we infamous)
Yo, the Jess Franco of hip hop, leave you faceless
Torture chambers, sadist in the basement
Rugged Man, who's the foulest? Who's the rudest?
I grip my di*k while I do this, HG Lewis
The two thousand maniacs, who this?
Blood feast, old school splatter, occupation
Famous rappers, straight razors, we dead broke, we playa haters
Violaters, up your b*tch pus*y with vibrators
That's why they hate us, sc*m dripping
Under age, coogi sticking, pus*y licking, put the clip in
I take a sh*t on your album when it drops
Plus your whole crew is pussies, like Suffolk County cops
Suffolk County, meets Queensbridge, don't be foolish
Rugged Man, Jack Johnson, Joe Louis
R to the A, no life, lowlife
The pretty b*tch offender, the fat b*tch complementer
Top five lyrical contender, the lyricist's career ender
White trash trailer park representer
Who can stop this? Who rock this? Who lock this?
Who got the Glock? Who c*ck this? Lucio Fulci
R.A. the Rugged Man (on the reals)
Rugged Man, Havoc (no doubt)

[Hook: Havoc x2]
(Who's that guy?)
A n*gga you don't wanna f*ck with
(Who's that guy?)
Four pounds will make 'em duck quick
(Who's that guy?)
Getting lifted at the bar, no doubt
Rugged Man, Havoc, Mobb we infamous

[Verse 2: Havoc]
Got my drink on, reminiscing drama on God
Stepped out my crib, politic with the gods
Over gats, even though the hood is hot
Jakes on bikes, gotta hold down the block
'Cause my life this automatic instant, ice grills, without a blink
Permanently stained, they surface like Big
They sh*tting on my name, some ask why
'Cause the sign just a regular gangsta, f*ck DKNY
Scuffed Timbs laid up in Holiday Inn's
And shortie wanna fret, I'm running up in her friend
Official roaches, Scarface, sh*tting on mister Sosa, stay bent
Hold my liquor, like a cup coaster, handle mines
Sever great lines, cut throats while you drop dimes
Snitch n*ggas on my sh*t list, quietly c*ck the biscuit
The Rugged Man, Havoc, Mobb we infamous

[Hook x3]

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