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R.A. The Rugged Man

"Black and White"

[Intro: Sample (R.A. the Rugged Man) {Timbo King}]
Do you resent the fact that people
Make a special deal out of you
Perhaps becoming a white champion in a black dominated sport?
(Yo, I f*ck up anybody, sh*t don't matter
White, black, I'll f*ck you up, you know?)
{Yeah, that's what his mouth is saying, see in the ring? It's a different story
You know what I mean, in the ring, that's a different story)
In the right hand corner, wearing black trunks and a throwback jersey
Black hat, and black Timberlands, from Brooklyn, New York, Timbo King!
In the left hand corner, wearing white trunks, a white wife beater
And dirty white shelltoes, hailing from parts unknown, R.A. the Rugged Man!

[Verse 1: Timbo King]
Aiyo, we black macks, with black hats and black bats
Black Panthers, with black gats, twenty-one blackjacks
Twenty one black knapsacks, black weed
Black Friday, n*gga, black fistes
Black misses, onyx, black Masonic
Black tonic, black marble, ask Arnold
Black bombers, with black linen, repent black sinning
Swimming in black women, the Men in Black winning
Black Timbs, black jims and black ink
Black ice on, black widows in black minks

[Verse 2: R.A. the Rugged Man]
In the White House, White Owl, turn the light out
White boy, night out, knock your white ass, right out
Find out, white dog, white b*tch, white fist
Beat your b*tch like this, white di*k, white sheets
Devin make white beats, suburban kids from the white streets
James Cagney, white heat, White Sox
White rocks, white cops in donut shops
White blocks, 'Nam vet white pops
White three the night creatures, white sneakers
White wife beaters, thin lips, white features
White powder, Snow White, snow, hit the ho right
White trash, low life, Whitesnake, so white

Black, white, black, white
Black, white, black, white

[Verse 3: Timbo King]
Black men with black belts on, black denim style
Smoke a Black & Mild, laying down black tile
Black souls, lost in black holes
Black robes, f*ck b*tches out on Black Gold
Black seeds, black eyed peas, black pepper
Italian black leather, fade to black
Black models, sport black Movados
Black Moet bottles, holla back, black star power
Black Rottweillers, black nines, black on black crime
Whose skin blacker than mine?
Black spades, giving lames black eyes
Black Foot Indian tribe, Blackberries
Black Pelle Pelle's, black Israeli go to war with black skullies
Hummer's with the Black Pirellis, Armor All
Blackball, black label, alcohol
Black ho, beat a n*gga up, you know how that go

[Verse 4: R.A. the Rugged Man]
I'm Gerry Cooney white, Ingemar Johansson white
Square dance type, dancing white, I'm Charles Manson white
Steal ya land white, Rugged Man white
Irish white type, like to fight, white knight
Blue eyed white Christ white, nighty night light
Toys R Us light bright white, Simple Life white
Nice life, knife fight white, Great White Hype white
Uncle Ben's rice white, hate life white
Angel food cake white, white guys recognize
See the whites of their eyes, white skin, white lies
House of Pain white, Everlast, Kurt Cobain white
Elvis, simple and plain white, John Wayne white


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