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R.A. The Rugged Man


[Verse 1]
Yo yo yo
Miraculously the blacklist could not rid me
Sissy pigs frisk me, it's me
Everybody in the club tipsy
f*ck that, bring hip hop back to New York city
Get busy with the white grizzly, wiggy wiggy wiggy
Blowtorch leave ya ass crispy - hidden delivery
No tricking me with evil and trickery, history, misery
Mystery like Agatha Christie
My enemies wanna physically cripple me, b*tch strictly
Specifically wordplay, Slick Ricky, I'm slicker than Slick Ricky
I'm the top notch, the elite, we meet, me defeat
Me be beat, repeat in this street life is cheap
Baa baa black sheep, no shoes, dirt black feet, pack heat
Track meet run from cops, ghetto athlete
I'm back that deep, you lack lyrical heat

[Hook x2]
I'm supa (supa, supa)
I'm supa (supa, supa)
I'm supa (supa, supa)
I'm supa (supa, supa)

[Verse 2]
I used to sneak in windows and steal Nintendos
Pimp hoes, white mandingos, I wear black, I don't wear pink clothes
Suffolk county anything goes
Why you trying to copy my sh*t like Kinkos?
I drop brickloads, sick flows, I done did those
Hit hoes, ripped shows, quotables kicked those
All the criminal sh*t and the sinning
They wanna know do I have a religion
Is there a god, do I believe in him?
Oh yes, how the f*ck else could I be so blessed?
God put me on this earth to be one of the best (of all time)
And don't question it, it's a definite
The all time best in it, kept in it, repping it
The last one left in it
I'm A plus, you get a F in it
Negative, pessimist, effortless
Caucasoid, leprosy, lepedist, method in repping this
Fresher, so fresh in this, catching the specialist
I'm ol' D, special K, treacherous, I'm supaaa

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3]
I gets papers in small amounts
Ooga booga bounce
Small fry born 4 pounds 8 ounce
I like to drink, milk, it helps me grow
And think like a champ
Suckers I vamp
I, I don't care, I'm ugly as sh*t b*tch
Stop and stare, American nightmare
I'm super duper, I'm the newschool
Of the oldschool school
Voice is smoother than Luther
Don't let the ugly grill piece fool ya
I'm Kostya Tszyu, you Zab Judah
Two rounds through ya forget the past, I'm the future
Crowd mover, I'm super duper duper
Supa supa supa

[Hook x4]

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