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I’m puttin’ in the nitro
I kick it into high gear
Drive a fast whip ain’t no f*ckin’ pigs around here
She said that she my baby but I know that she a narc
Nice tits, ass fat, and her skin was real dark
I got 4 gold chains
Everybody gon know my name
When I ride in through yo city f*cked yo b*tch and then she came, ay
Big, solid, pill-poppin’, smokin’ rapper I became
I might f*ck that b*tch even though she pretty lame
When I skrt off in the Lambo I’ma kill the whole game
Ay, I’ma kill the whole game just to disclaim
I take the whole blame

She said that she my homie but she f*ckin’ up my brain
Get the f*ck out of my face b*tch you don’t know my f*ckin’ pain
Why they actin’ like they feel the same?
I ain’t even gotta ask yeah that b*tch was pretty tame
The drugs gon bring me fame
Yeah that girl was f*ckin’ flame
If you f*ckin’ with my clique then you get f*ckin’ maimed
Yeah, you get f*ckin’ maimed
If you f*ck with my team then you should be ashamed

Nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro
Skrt off in that Maserati I go fast like I'm a pro, bro
Nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro, nitro
f*ck her in the back seat I’m a freak like that yeah I’m a sicko

Maserati, fast Ferrari, Lamborghini, Benz-Mercedes
Got a Chevy that sh*t heavy
f*ck yo b*tch yeah that ho let me
All these f*ckin’ junkers yeah they got me in a slumber
When I’m f*ckin’ famous I’ma get one for my mother
Then I’ll ride off with my brothers
We’ll get f*cked up on powder
Got a new b*tch yeah she like it when I pound her
Every track I drop yeah my raps get more perfounder
Puttin’ in the nitro it make that sh*t go faster, ay

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