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Peter Sarstedt


And as I blagged a cigarette from her
And gazed upon her nakedness
She moved her lovely head from side to side
And said I was just like the rest

You got what you came for, she said
And that's what you're here for, I said
Aren't you?

She pulled a sheet across her body
And told me to leave the way I came
I gave a rueful grin and found my clothes
And mumbled, yes, you're all the same

I am but a man, I said
I do what I can, I said
Always, always

There's a time for deeds and a time for talking words
What if I said that I love you
Would all your morals then be pacified
The act of love be then more true

Oh yes, you are smart, she said
But where is your heart, she said
You better go now

And as I walked outside and closed the door
I wondered if I'd won or lost
And if the status quo was still intact
And was it worth the time it cost

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