Alan Watts


[Alan Watts]
I have a friend
A girl
Who is very intelligent and articulate
And she was born blind!
And she hasn’t the faintest idea what darkness is
The word means as little to her as the word light

So if you were to sleep --
You are not aware of darkness when you are asleep
& so if you went into sleep
Into unconsciousness
For always and always and always
It wouldn’t be at all like going into the dark;
It wouldn’t be at all like being buried alive
It would be as if, as a matter of fact
You had never existed at all

Not only you, but everything еlse as well
You would be in that statе, as if you had never been
And, there, of course, there would be no problems
There would be no one to regret the loss of anything
You couldn’t even call it a tragedy
Because there would be no one to experience it as a tragedy
It would be simple – nothing at all
Forever and for never
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