Alan Watts


(Intro Skit-Alan Watts)

Man I been knocked like "up out the park"
Meaning I'm gone
Mind by the stars & its gonna park
As vast as the ocean but it still be dark
In the midst of the chaos I found me the spirit, I plug & I spark
Need to learn how to deal with smoke without lighter & spark
Without gas can I shine ?
Without the gas will the car even start ?
Without faith, can I pray at the shrine ?
Seeing no evil til' I'm closing my eyes
Pandora's box but the contents inside like the thoughts in my mind
Life is a game, can I get on the rides ?
Without making a line
Been trynna phone God but this dude got so many lines
So many names, wish I had that many lives
Or like a cat with so many lives
Wish that a n***a had many tries
Looking for God or a sign but the sun in my way & a n***a blind
But belief is like that
True faith is like walking blind
To the promise arrive
Setbacks arrive but I'm here just to win this belief ain't through eye
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