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"My Turn"

They hate me and gossip, and talk that talk
Erase me, then chase me, I walk it off
I won't sit back and watch my life fly by, now it's my turn

[Verse 1: Kung Fu Vampire]
What the world don't know, this is higher elevation, this a revelation
These are the colors that you be facing, this is your dollar and everybody you chasing
This is for the misconceptions, this is for the love that you lost and it ain't impressive
This is for the manager that didn't have the stamina tryna damage ya reputation and ya mandala among friends
This is for the anger I'm harboring, they said I couldn't be a legend now I'm starving them
I'm half full ain't no arguing I'm shaking the industry down in a Lexus I'm parking sins
On the side of the road where you cut your fins and got thirsty, started hating all of my wins
Try to work me to feel bad as you grin, now my enemy is a repeated Kennedy
Distance has got me mentally prepared for the hatred, red pill aware in the Matrix, sucking the life out of everyone you're in a fix, stay in the basement, I'm getting a run for my patience, an agent awakened at 50 percent I stay fuego, and now I'm in the movie with their opinions they try to improve me, I'm constantly running from losers but y'all can f*ck off


[Verse 2: X-Raided]
X-Raided getting tired of the slanders and the rumors
f*ck all these clowns and their hubris
I'm a hater terminator, [???], and I ain't never been scared of a computer
They're gonna deny you three times Saint Peter, would you rather be crucified or be the crudest?
Give Caesar what belong to Caesar Brutus, momentarily upset us but they'll never uproot us
I went to Mars to have conversation with Plato, he told me to read the allegory of the game Plato
You easily influenced, your brain is like Play-Doh, I'm Cassius Clay when he started worshipping [???]
I could have ya people singing hands with tulips, wanted to be a rapper and ended up having to be Buddha, we chasing money, will never let it allude us

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