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Willie the Kid

"Let Em Know"

Feat. La the Darkman, Lonnie Mack
[Intro: La the Darkman (Willie the Kid)]
Yeah n*gga, gangsta sh*t, you heard? CUB, AMG
Embassy, yeah, Willie the Kid, Lonnie Mack, LAD (Sing Sing)
Motherf*cker (I said um)
[Willie the Kid]
Willie the Kid so cold, n*ggas call me free arm
Would I be on? Be eons beyond you weak pee-ons
f*cking morons, you boring me
Tell my little freak b*tch to pour me, the dealership ??? me
Pardon me, bullets out the cartridge hit your arteries
Heavy artillery, my arsenal and armories
I'ma be under palm trees when your head split
Sing Sing the gang, running guns off of Craigs List
Hope there's no confusion, my n*ggas bring the tools in
Open wounds oozin, there's multiple contusions
Clusion, moral of the story, don't be snoozin
Kissin on the trophy, I don't understand loosin
Who starvin? So much snow, we need toboggans
Prices so low, ain't no need to bargain
My joggin, harvesting hip plants and gardens
I'm trying to move far where white folks are jogging
Marksmen, sharp shooters, shoot the wings of a gnat
Wish n*ggas shut the f*ck up, other then that
I'm good, I'm grateful, these n*ggas distasteful
Willie trap papers like staples, the hateful

[Chorus X2: Willie the Kid]
When there's drama, n*ggas know
All you hearin is the sound of the semi (pah pah), better let em know
Lay em down (pah pah) chopper get to choppin
Lay em down (pah pah) better let em know
[Willie the Kid]
You n*ggas forever petty, you're never ready, I'm everything
Through the midwest, I got n*ggas in every bing
I own your Jackson Peakins, even ?Tarahoe?
Count tech, PLR, with the air holes
We air those, do a n*gga bad, somethin terrible
Yeah, I gotta laugh, you n*ggas is hysterical
Imperial, Crown Prince Abdullah, big chain
Remind you of a cooler, brain like a computer
A shooter like di*k Cheney, movin like Zab Judah
Mackin to the ladies, di*k between their hooters
Empty n*ggas pockets, split it between my shooters
You b*tch ass n*ggas need nail polish removers
[La the Darkman]
I'm brave like a Marine, cunning like a snake
He ok, he good, but I'm great
Out ?RA?, blowin purple like a grape
I eat your food, then like your plate, it's LA

[Chorus X2]
[Lonnie Mack]
I turtle a n*gga, put your head in a shell
Shell in your head, n*gga, that's enough said
Mr. Embassy Cartel, AMG Mafia
We lose n*ggas for real, n*gga we'll Hoffa you
Swimming with ???, flown from the ocean flow
A n*gga say he want it, he lying like Pinocchio
Find a hand in a brown paper bag on your door step
The hostage been talked to, be we ain't turned em ghost yet
Make a foul call cuz you done barked at the wrong dog
Marked dead, fool look like ketchup on a corn dog
Chopper aimed high, tryin to decapitate a hater head
n*ggas dressed up like a tall Mr. Potato Head

[Chorus X2]

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