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Willie the Kid

"Sincerely Antique"

[Intro: Action Bronson]
Throw the rice, throw the rice
Hand me envelopes of money, man
Tap the glass, break the glass with your foot sh*t
Longshoresman, long foreskin
Bam Bam, Bronsolino
Queens, New York

[Verse 1: Action Bronson]
Come to the crib with a whore
Make sure she touching the mezuzah on the door
Damn she's a keeper
Rolled a reefer, tighter than a beaver
Full stretch catching balls like a receiver
My peoples in the bullpens, no reliever
Ho deceiver, fetch the paper like a gold retriever
Old homos that'll hold the heater
Dropping knowledge like a Roman teacher
While the drugs burn slow, elk is in the oven
My silhouette is f*cking stunnin'
I'm never cryin' from an onion
I'm eating pheasant out in London
Trying to get that presidential funding
African mud, exfoliate the skin
Like Shammgod the way I stay around the rim
Kamikaze sh*t, Origami flip
b*tch popping a lip and then I'm choppin' off a tit

[Verse 2: Willy the Kid]
Black 550s at the wine tasting
b*tches bathe in the basin
Send him my regards like a bullet from my enemies
Sip Riesling, we collect the shell casings, case in point
An artisan, steady aim like a archer
You see this fine art prevented my departure
Two swoons spooning in Belize
Bikini models, photshoots overseas
Sip Bellinis
Real Chilean bass we order oysters
Black De-Vosses, four-door porsches
Humidors more moisture, no moissanites
Breitlings, Hublots, watchmen
Essentially no diamonds at all, ride stock rims
Sip Jameson, sea salt for my lady friends
1800 shots, 100 shot clips
On the cliff with my b*tch, see the solar eclipse
Eclectic, ecstatic, disposable money spending sporadic
I steam self-esteem, 1200 for the jacket
Bored at the smorgasbord, whore money seek
More like the school board
Convert convertible tops
Fold em like a board game sipping chambord

[Interlude: Roc Marciano]
Game n*gga
Word up, fat lady singing n*gga
Like I was saying though
Maybe y'all n*ggas already know
These are moments n*ggas

[Verse 3: Roc Marciano]
Egyptian musk, b*tches blush
A vintage tux, the Dillinger's tucked
Diamond cufflinks trini cut
Pills crush, my riches such is like slush
Come through in the clutch
Mix the lean with the Crush
The X6, whip the beamer truck, I'm deep in the cut
Smoked the tree more of Puertos Ricans f*ck
My sh*t come with the gentleman's kit
Join the fellowship
You catch me hopping out that limo with your yellow b*tch
Spit a capellos, walkin' on petals, raw we used to peddle
Get it clicking like stilettos, cigarellos
No regular hoes
Red bones, credit loans, testosterone
My flesh got the coppertone
Quick with the gemstar choppin' stone
Blocks of ice kept the vodka cold
My pockets is swoll
Bust a couple shots from out the foxhole
Catch you like Sonny when you stop at the toll
Solid gold all on my collarbone, only momma knows
That bread we never promised hoes
Pay homage to those
I'm polished to the toe, sip Moscatos
12 shells dig in your meat, like a taco
The heat's by my c*ck though, spit hot when the block got slow
Dry Milanos, sly hoes like Nelly Furtado
Hit the high note
Rock a fly coat
I'm just sowing my wild oats

[Outro: Roc Marciano]
You gotta leet me run free baby
I got to leave you baby
I got to get my hat, I got to go
I got to go, baby
Thank you for listening baby
Thank you for understanding

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