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Willie the Kid

"Seth Brundle freestyle"

[Willie the Kid]
Its ceremonial, non testimonial
A test to my greatness, harmonial

Musical, car service swerving thru the traffic
Half drunk, fresh as a f*ck, Im a maverick

Chilling with my Cali b*tch, hot enough to calibrate
Her caliber, burning off calories, she masturbate

Just bought the calico, I ain't even load it yet
Think before I answer, living life, no regret

No sweat, mink on, Ralph Lauren sweater vest
No name shades on, bought 'em cause I liked 'em

Better yet, let me call some hoes up, bubble at the W
Bubble bath, shorty said they coming thru

Live at the bar-b-q, Willie, Im a young Nasty Nas
It ain't hard to tell, Big L in camouflage
Im a renaissance man, sip Chimay at the tavern
Funny as n*ggas got me laughing

Bask in the glory, sorta like Moses in the basket
Burying the hatchet, casket, cask and cream

Type of smooth ass n*gga. Im flying above
I just flew past n*ggas, Im aviating

Aviators, Raybans, eight to eight'n
Eight bands in 12 hours, debate pagans
The fly. No Pegasus, Pandora
Im sh*tting, epidurum, enigma

My stigma, the serum, candlelight visual
I burn'em, chain swingin on my sternum

I'm vigilent, visualanty in Ypsilanti
Denim jacket stay vintage

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