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Nyck Caution


Now, see, you hold it like this, and pull the trigger
Who's world is this?

[Verse 1: Nyck Caution]
Yo just wait until I age a little
Stay a different entity that ain't no simple minded indi-
-Vidual with a fickle persona I be in the cut
I'm in the clouds now, never coming down was a child
That's a platform that I once had
Gushers in my lunch bag
Customers was asking for my old flip, but the flow is heavy on the surface, don't get swallowed by this ocean

[Nas "The World is Yours" Sample]

[Nyck Caution]
They say the world is mine
I needed this time
It was all good just a year ago
Back when to make it was a miracle
Then some sh*t got weird

[Verse 2: Nyck Caution]
Catch the wave before it passes you by
They say we made it and it's down to what the task to implies
But we older and we still got more harassment and pride to swallow down and you actually decide what you about
Of course they wanna hop on it
Industry of novices
I got to keep it real, your career is non-profitin' when they get a graspin' they just jazzy with the politics
Pass the power forward on to corporate, John Stockton with it
And you don't never know the Karl Malone
Because they fake like that timmy that your pops was in a positive
It was written, you can ask Nas and Eminem
Got to lose yourself once you get a grip that be improminent
A promise isn't sacred 'till it's proven in the flesh
Disapproval got the ruger in effect
Cause your removal isn't suitable unless you deserve to get popped, when you give up your respect
I'm in this game until my wrist cold
I can really change the way it shift, just refrain from hittin' bricks
I can't explain, I'm just a schizo
Because I switch the wicked Nyck flow
Pistol grip and dip yo
Never droppin' clips
Bandolier the way I be rhyming now
I'm eating better, chandelier when I be dining out
It's era season, I been peepin' that the climates drought and if you say I ain't the hottest breathing, what you lying 'bout
What the silence 'bout, Nyck wildin' out, got the cannon b*tch trippin' in denial now
I don't got no license 'till I whip it to the private isles
Bicker like you Simon Cowell, flippin' I'll remind you bout'
Falling back, we keep it stable or it all collapse
If you ain't about the sh*t, why the f*ck would you be talking crap?
Audiopium I peel the capresin, I'm just spitting all this dope off this artifacts

They say the world is mine... They say the world is mine
f*ck it man the world is ours... Disguise The Limit, that's what they told the f*cking fool

[Outro: Nyck Caution]
I've been walking 'round on the pavement, bounded for greatness, let me take you back to the basics
Back to the basics
We going back to the basement

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